Thursday, May 01, 2014


   Colin and I set out to make a list of goals he and I are going to work on this year so we can marry, buy a house and start travelling in the next couple of years.

The goals for this year....

  •         Kami-O graduate from Grad school by end of year  (Date of graduation Dec 22nd 2014)
  •         Kami-O to get permanent job by end of year
  •         Kami-O to short sell her house and we rent for 1-2 years (Date to move June 1, 2014)

I was fine until a recent bad grade sent me into panic mode. It’s difficult to get A’s in a graduate program but with the job thing, house thing, a relationship and 3 step kidlets, I’m finding it difficult to manage time well and focus.  I actually felt “stupid” for my classmates I’m sure are dealing with their own lives but seem to be doing just fine. So I’m a tad bit embarrassed to admit I was close to being suspended from the program with only 3-4 classes left. It’s really not that much of a big deal, but it would push my graduation out 6 months to next August and I just really want to get this over with. Grad school isn't like getting your undergrad degree, at least this one isn't. It’s been a miserable process thus far and I just want to be done already.

As far as my job, I love what I’m doing for Honeywell. It’s stressful sometimes; yes, it’s boring sometimes; yes but I like working with the people. I like making stuff people can use and I’m constantly learning things! I’d like to get hired on but am not seeing anything coming my way so far. My current contract expires on May 30th and they aren't working on another product coming out so not sure what’s going to happen there. I almost want to take the summer off to move, enjoy the step kidlets and work on my thesis, but on the other hand I need to make some money..

I’m having issues selling the house though. I've not been stressing too much about it, because the longer I stay the longer I can go without paying any rent. That’s the easy part, the shitty part is that the banks refused to work with me each time I was laid off or my contract expired (My contract has expired 3 times and will again in May!) so I have to give up the house. Every time I have a buyer in my pocket the first lender makes us go through an appraisal then waits until they have to turn in the participation agreement (last piece of paperwork)to sit on the file for months, then we go through the process again with another buyer. My agent has called and called, I have called and now I’m done with this crap. I have filed a complaint with HUD and have demanded action from the Attorney General to get them to move on my paperwork. Regardless we are moving on June 1 to a nice place in St. Paul. I will then file for bankruptcy if I have to. I don’t want to, but I will for I’m tired of dealing with this shit. I can’t pay a mortgage if I’m laid off or don’t have a job nor are they willing to work with me, so I’m done screwing around and so is the second lender. The second lender is going after me for fees accrued while trying to sell this place. Whatever, I’m sure it will work itself out in end; I’m not too concerned at this time!

 It seems that all of it is on me and it is right now. Our life will be a bit on hold until I can graduate and find a permanent position.  Next year Colin goes back to school and will hopefully graduate within 15-18 months. He'll start looking for another job and once he finds something we'll be set! His oldest will be off to college, and his son will be ready to graduate in a year or so.. Schedules will  be lighter and easier to manage..
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