Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Close of Another Year

            I can’t say I was a fan of 2013. I was let go from 3M in February and the layoff lasted 6 months. 6 months of worry, frustration and loss. I had to put my home in short sell due to the layoff. Due to the layoff I managed to gain 25lbs and weigh as much as I did in 2006 just after I started my diet and running regimen.

 Of New Year's Past: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

            With all of the bad came the good as well. I still have the best thing that ever happened to me; Colin. He has been patient, caring and very supportive.  He is a true partner, a life partner and my match.  Will there be a proposal in the New Year? Who knows? It’s really up to Colin and I know I’m not in rush to get engaged or marry, so whenever he feels like he’s ready, I’m ready. I am quite happy with where we are in our relationship, with his ex, his family, my family and his kids.

School started in January and as of today I am half way through it. It's been tough but I'm continually working at it.

 I haven’t yet sold my house but I am saving money for another place, to rent, maybe buy but enough for many months of rent just in case. I'll be grateful to not have an inflated payment but sad because I do love this house. It's simply not worth it to me anymore and we need a bigger, better place regardless.

I was contracted out by Honeywell to help them create a new and innovative thermostat which we are looking into marketing to the disabled. They have decided in the New Year to renew that contract and I’ll be working on another thermostat and getting that ready for the market. I also have my foot into possibly helping them implement a social media strategy, which would be my dream job if they decide to do that, so much excitement.

I can tell you what WILL happen in the New Year.

-        Colin and I have a photo shoot in January by the infamous (yes infamous) and wonderful Barry Moore; the photographer who took my Snow Queen pictures a couple of winters ago. 

-        I graduate with my Master’s. This will happen at the end of the year but it will happen. I hope it will happen. It’s been a bear so far. Our program head accepted a job in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada so we are without a leader at the moment and our thesis’s are up in the air.

 -        We will travel. Colin and I are thinking something, soon, but not sure where…yet.

 -        I will help create another thermostat

 -        We will move into another place, a temporary place until the job thing is permanent, and my credit can be repaired.

 -        Colin will start school and start looking for a job he likes.
 -   I will lose 20lbs. I will go back on my diet and running regimen. 213lbs is too much weight for me to carry. I feel tired, achy and uncomfortable. Besides, I can't fit into any of my clothes!!!

So with all of that, how could I have a bad 2014? Happy New Year and many Blessings!
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