Monday, August 12, 2013

MeMe’s Never Get Old!

I really haven’t done one of these in awhile so I thought I’d throw one out there.

Favorite time waster:

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (yep I’m a member!) Instagram and my camera phone.. Yep anything social media wise I seem to be on all the time, it’s really dumb! Since Colin bought me an iPhone 4, it’s been ridiculous! This is why I’m in Marketing; I have an excuse to be on social media!

Thing I could do without:

Fat.  For real.  I hate that if I have a day or two or five that I eat crappy (I’m not even talking burgers, fries, cheese curds!) I gain weight! When I was eating better it wasn’t so bad, I still had to watch it, if I drank too much juice or something I’d gain..

I could also do without PCOS.. which is the reason I gain weight etc so fast…it’s sucks ass… I could also do with my reproductive organs too… they don’t work right anyways, but I’m thinking menopause sucks more…so we’ll stay where we are..thanks…

Thing I can’t do without:

Colin, shoes, a nice place to live (I didn’t realize this until we found that we will have to rent again for awhile…)

Thing that makes me laugh every time:

Those stupid AT&T commercials with the guy and the kids.. The one with the " slow turtle” and the “Infinity” one.  I love that little girl who overs her mouth and gasps and how deadpan the guy is… it makes me snort!

Thing I wish:

I wish school was over, I could find a permanent, full time job, that the house would sell quickly and we could land in a nice rental. Everything is contingent upon everything else in that entire list.. and it sucks..

Daily dream:

Make enough money so we didn’t have to worry so much, travel when we want.. that’s really it.. My dream job as a Social Media Marketing Mgr would be the shit too!

Newest thing:

New job, new degree, new house(soon), new relationship (1.5 yrs)…

Thing I’m looking forward to:

Getting married to the most perfect man for me! Never thought I’d be saying that, but there it is.. Still working out dumb in-my-head- crap like what my married name will be and dumb crap like that..(I don’t wanna give up my last name but Colin would prefer I take his name.. not a requirement but am working it out.)

Thing I’m dreading:

The giant royal fuck me up the ass, sweat inducing and exhausting move that we are going to have to make here in the near future.  It was a MAJOR pain moving into the house, moving out, down 37 steps, and three flights of stairs is gonna prolly kill us!

Oh! And the giant amount of taxes I will have to pay this coming year due to my unemployment..oh yeah, that will be a damn BLAST!

Dumb thing I will enjoy:
I hate to say it, but I’m actually looking forward to getting rid of the house and being “bare bones” in a rental.. Granted I don’t want it to be a permanent situation, but I’ve been worried about paying the mortgage on the house since I moved in.. It’ll be nice to not worry about it anymore..
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