Monday, August 12, 2013

Hiatus for Now

 Things have been getting busy here at the Betzina/Willingham home.  We have come close to getting an offer on the house and our agent seems to think it’ll happen in the 30-60 days. I’m not looking forward to the move itself, but will be happy to be out from under the house and start fresh. Bummed out that I invested 9 years in my house and I’m getting nothing back for it, which sucks. Not going to lie. Not too thrilled about jumping into an apartment, with shitty credit and no permanent job in sight. I'm slowly learning that their things I can and can not control, this being one of them. We are "planning" on living in Woodbury. We have a place in mind and are looking into it the next couple of weeks. It's cheap, it will (hopefully) fit all of our stuff and will be our home until I graduate college and find a steady job. I have a couple other places in mind if this one doesn't pan out, but hopefully it will.. fingers crossed!!! Damn economy!

 I’m going to take a year hiatus from writing. My grad studies are stealing all my creativity and is kicking my ass. My thesis I believe starts in September/October. With moving, the job situation being inconsistent, I just don’t seem to have the time anymore. When things calm down a bit, I can predict my schedule and life I will go back to it. As far as all the writing I have pending, I have asked writer Christine Mlodzik from Rift magazine to take over my reviews. She will write a piece for Rift and Sex in the Twin Cities. I feel she is a better writer, has more readership than I, and will do justice to any project I send her way. I will update SITTC periodically and my own blog when I can, but Examiner, Ten13 and Rift I’m taking a step back to get my shit together.

I like where I’m at. I despise the drive (45mins-60mins) and am continuing to look just in case I can get something closer.  I really like my manager, the culture and the position. I feel that there’s not enough work (something I always complain about) but it’s a great place to work. I wish it were closer though. This position has made me realize what type of Marketing I want to get into, which is either an Event Marketing Manager or Social Media Marketing Manager. I feel I have more ideas and experience in both, and either one would make me feel like getting out of bed for. I do like the writing piece, and website creation but it’s not something I could do all the time. I do like the experience and the freedom I have here. My manager trusts me and allows me to spread my wings and make decisions, which I’m not used to.


I love school; anyone who knows me knows that. It’s usually pretty easy for me but grad school seems to be kicking my ass. Not sure it’s the book heavy and lengthy formatted threads or because I have so much going on. Most days I feel very overwhelmed by it all. There are days that I feel I just can’t write any more or the topic is just too hard. Because this has been happening so much lately I’ve gotten into the habit of starting my papers 3 days before it’s due just to make sure I get it done. Sometimes I’ve gotten so close to the deadline I've had only 4 hours to get it completed. All based on working, kid or competing schedules, social events, showings and lack of sleep I sometimes get. Granted my social calendar is not as heavy as it used to be. I simply can’t afford to go out much anymore, my lack of steady work makes me NOT want to spend money on things but to save or pay off things because I never know when I’ll be on unemployment again. Ugh!

I'll let everyone know more as things progress.. Things are starting to move fast and I'm hoping I can keep up!
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