Friday, July 19, 2013

The Plan is Coming to Life

After approximately six months of unemployment two of my friends reached out and decided they wanted me to help them out back at The Electronics Company. So I’m back on a contract basis for 2 months. To both Rachel and LeAnn, thank you and I owe you a child, lung, ovary or what ever.
The position is a similar position in the same department I was in when I was an employee last year. So, I’m familiar with the work. Its money and I NEED to get out of the house. So now I’m back into my old routine of working, going to the gym and then home every night. The familiar seems to make sense right now. I’m working now, of course I’m getting offers up the butt. I’ve taken one, a good opportunity with a stable company in my field, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I will talk about that more once I start.

 Being back at The Electronics Company has made me realize something though… I don’t like it here and after this little stint, I’m done and won’t be coming back. Unless something drastically changes within the organization itself, I won’t be back; ever.

So with this new position, I plan on paying a few things off and squirreling the money away until Colin and I have to move. I’m now afraid that I’ll be unemployed again, so I’m proactively saving money so if that does happen I can still afford to pay the rent. I have to say this unemployment thing has definitely got me thinking about money in a different way. Instead of spending 30% of it, I find myself squirreling it away for the “just in case” moments. I did that all through college. Saved every dime I had in case something happened to my car, or something broke and I had to replace it. I didn’t buy anything when I lived in Arizona with the exception of an $80 pair of tennis shoes for work because my boss complained about the holes in my shoes. All my money was saved or used to pay bills. Otherwise, I’ve been mostly a spender, until recently..

The house has officially been on the market for 11 days and we’ve had 9 showings. No takers so far. A lot of feedback on how the house is considered too small, not liking the split of the bedrooms, the many, many, many stairs and the price. I’m sure once the price goes down, we’ll get a taker and we’ll have to move. The showings have been a bit of a challenge. Most of the agents have left all the lights on in the house or (3 times) left my patio door wide open with a cat in the house and the air conditioner on. There (of course) have been a few times that a showing has interfered with time with the kids, sleep time or school. All things that are easily worked out though. As long as it gets sold....

So first step in our plan is completed for the most part.. now working on the next 2!
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