Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jumping off that Cliff-Unemployment Dairies Part 2

   The house went on the market July 8th (so if anyone wants a house…) and is to be “short sold” so I can get out from under it and Colin and I can move on.  I have a bit of a 5 year plan going on. Granted, it’s probably not the best time to even “have plans” but we’ve decided to…

1.       Get rid of house (6-12 months)

2.       Get a rental place (2 yrs. minimum)

3.       Kami-O finish MA (1 yr. 4 months)

4.       Kami-O lands “sweet” job (1-6 months)

5.       Colin start BA (15 months)

6.       Buy new home (2 years)

We are figuring in 3 years we should be in a new home, making more money and living the life we want.

It’s sort of scary jumping off this cliff, knowing that short selling this house is going to destroy my credit for at least 3 years and I’m not super excited about renting an apartment or anything else for that matter, especially since I’m probably still going to be unemployed. We are looking for a house or townhome between $850-$1000/mo no less than 950sq ft.  or if smaller, the place needs to have a basement so we can store things. Tall order I know but, we are moving from 1550sq ft to… so we need to make sure everything goes with us since we can’t afford storage.

If I had a decent job it wouldn’t obviously be an issue, but unemployment only pays so much.. so cheap and big is what we have to do.. There seems to be a lot of properties that are renting out at $1,200 or $1,300 which is funny because my mortgage payments were $1,300/mo. which I can’t afford right now.

I basically am looking for something to carry me until I graduate with my Masters, then I’m hoping to find something right away….hopefully.

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