Friday, May 10, 2013

The Unemployment Diaries-Part 1

So, in case you didn’t know as of February 1st I was laid off again for the second time in 10 months. I was supposed to be a contract to hire but due budget restrictions I was let go. Doesn’t sound too bad right? I should be able to get something else, right? Uh-no.

See, I had been doing the budget for my department and realized back in August they probably wouldn’t have the budget to keep me on so I started looking back then. Still, I have found nothing and the few things I have found are offering salaries I had 10-20 years ago, without an education. There has been one that didn’t hire me because she was afraid once I graduated with my Master’s I’d want to quit or take her job, and another I had in the bag at over $50,000 until they canned all their candidates and went in a another direction. ~sigh~

I’ve had several interviews, with what it seems to be in the intent of hiring me. They tell me they are “excited”, love my “knowledge and experience”, they will call me in the next couple of days and……. nothing. After a good week I email the recruiters to follow up and still nothing.  3 out of the 5 companies I interviewed with still have the jobs posted.  So I got nothing, literally!

I’ve gotten in touch with several contract agencies in town and they either don’t respond or respond for a couple of weeks, then nothing. After 4 months I’m starting to wonder where in the hell the professionalism is and if my Masters will even make a difference? Am I putting myself into debt for nothing here?

 Colin and I have had many a tearful discussion and decided to dump the house. The economy is so shitty right now that I simply can’t pay for this house anymore. I have a feeling I’m going to have to take a decline in salary, if that happens I won’t be able to afford the payments without a second job and I’m not willing to do that again.

Even if I put $30,000 in upgrades into this place it still wouldn’t be worth what I paid nor would I get that money back. Don’t get me wrong the place isn’t a ritzy mansion but let’s say I paid for this place what some houses go for and my payments are what most homeowners would pay and I own a 1,565 sq. ft. town home. I love this place more than anything but enough is enough. I have spent 8 years doing everything to afford this place. It doesn't help that my lender sucks and their idea of "help" is barely lifting a pencil.

I’ve decided to have a life over having a house. I bought this place hoping to retire in it but it’s been more than a burden. Hopefully Colin and I will be able to buy something together in a few years, something he and I pick out, invest in and can afford.  We really want to travel, have nicer cars, and afford to have hobbies (something I haven’t had since I bought this place). It makes me terribly sad, but it is what it is.. Scary part for me is that with my Masters I’m putting myself  $60,000 in debt, my credit will be toast and Colin and I won’t have a place to live. I’ve heard that most apartment places check your credit and job history.. So I’m a bit nervous that I might not have a job once we dump the house, and we’ll have no place to live. Hey, I’m a planner, so not having one is plain out scary as hell!
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