Monday, May 06, 2013


  I keep thinking about writing  and I keep opening Word, then closing, so now thinking, “no, I should really write something”. There’s just too much to catch up on and it sometimes seems so overwhelming and yet there isn’t so much that’s changed.. Make sense?

Well here’s a bit of snapshot of what life is like right now..

Well the job search is still at a zero.. I’ve gone on several interviews, they tell me they like me, like that I’m available immediately, they’ll call me to start on “such and such” date, then nothing. I follow up with an email to the Recruiter a week later and  still nothing. All 5 jobs I’ve interviewed for are still posted on the internet. I don’t get it.  Quite a few are offering me pay that I had before I started at The Electronics Company, even with my degree. The only hitch is with that is 1. I receive more receiving unemeployment than what they are offering and 2. Can’t pay my mortgage with that. So…. ?????

So for the past 4 months my day usually consists of :

9a-9:30a Wake up, straighten up bedroom, feed cat and myself

9:30a-12:30p  Apply for jobs; Log into my email and check on all the search engine emails. I have job searchs saved from every Fortune 500 company in the city. Also, searches saved with both papers, Indeed, Monster, Beyond, LinkedIn, the county, city and state.  Works out to be about 75-100 emails a day.. so I apply for about 7-10 jobs a day.

12:30p-1:30p Chat with Colin while he’s at lunch, have lunch

1:30p-5:00p  Answer calls, schedule interviews, clean house, do laundry, grocery shopping, work out, homework..anything that needs to be done or bought

5:00p-7:00p Finish up any of the above and start on dinner


7:00p-7:30p Eat and clean up


7:30p-9:00p Futz around until Colin gets home


9:00p-11:00p Catch up with Colin, he makes dinner for himself, watch TV, head up to bed

So that’s what’s been like for the past 4 months… excuse me, I think I have a phone interview in a few minutes.
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