Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Great Love of My Life

They say it’s the first year that's hardest. It's the year you figure out what you have/haven't in common and decide what are deal breakers and what aren’t. Sometimes those “workings out” make for deciding to stay together or break up. I have had many Valentine’s Days; some alone and some with a partner but none have been as memorable as the one I had this year. We haven’t been together very long and we are figuring out all the do’s and don’ts, slowly building our relationship; our life together. We have set up plans and steps; steps to introducing me to his kids, his family, of telling people we are together, to introducing myself to his ex-wife, to admitting we have something special we want to share with the world. I find it odd to find someone who is so much like myself, who understands me and can talk me down from the limbs if need be. He makes sense to me. We love each other to the point we look at each other in awe; “Where the hell did you come from?” He tells me everyday in some way; verbally, physically, in writing how much he loves and cares for me. How I make him feel good and that I inspire him. I feel the same to the point words don’t seem to cover it.

Our relationship is good; fuck it’s BEYOND good it’s great, fulfilling, exciting, loving, supportive, and most of all it’s been easy. The situations we’ve been up against could have been horrible, nasty and can hard to deal with if you don’t have something solid. I mean.. a TEENAGER to parent/co-parent.. enough said!

Colin and I have a lot in common. Our non-commonalities aren’t that much of an issue because there are so few. The ones we do have are marriage (he’s been married and I haven’t) and kids (he has 3 and I don’t.) We’ve had our share of arguments, fighting is not an all out, drag out thing. We argue like adults; no screaming or swearing at each other and sometimes we just simply agree to disagree. We are not capable of staying mad at each other nor do we want to. We want to work at it everyday, and yeah, sometimes it is work but it’s the best work. And for the first time I don’t have that little voice in the back of head whispering, “Get OUT! This will NEVER work..” For that I’m grateful for I can’t imagine life without him. He’s my best friend after all! Funny thing is, I'd never thought I'd be saying any of this, ever. I never believed it, to be honest.

 We don’t have any Valentine’s Day traditions or memories that we have created yet, but I look forward to spending the rest of my life creating them.
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