Monday, January 07, 2013

Da Hoolidays!

   I have to say that this was quite the interesting holiday and my first with Colin. We decided not to do a tree this year for the sake of dragging it out, decorating, putting it back etc.. too.. much.. of..a..hassle. We did the 4ft tree on the table, and stuck our gifts there. I tastefully hung stockings, put out a couple of Christmas candles, Christmas candy and BOOM! Done.   Besides my folks decorate, have a tree and all that, you could probably see their house from space!
On Christmas Eve we all spent quite a bit of time in warm fuzzy jammies, eating like gluteus oinkers, and spoiling each other with gifts. Colin and I worked a bit in the afternoon then he went over to his Ex’s sister’s house with the kids and I went to my parents. Once everyone opened their gifties and was satisfied with what they had, I packed my gifts in the car and met Colin at our house to open our presents from each until the wee hours.

On Christmas day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast, he grabbed the kiddos and headed to his parents place in Ladysmith, Wisconsin for his family’s Christmas.  I went back to bed for a few hours before heading back to my parents for more eating, drinking, hanging out in our jammies and watching movies.. Colin joined us around 8p and lazily hung out until 10p or so when we all went to see the annual Christmas movie; this year it was Jack Reacher, which wasn’t too horrible for a Tom Cruise movie!
Colin and I went right back to work on Wednesday and I spent the good part of Thursday and Friday working both jobs, caring for an extremely sick Colin and the fact that one of the cars broke down. ~sigh~ 

I have to say; having a job without PTO, vacation or any sort of time off makes you really appreciate the fact that you had it. The 3M check ended up being very small, but I was at least smart enough to work a seasonal job at Barnes & Noble so I could pad the check for the missing hours. Makes me feel for Colin who works retail and only gets the “hard” holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving off, otherwise he works, he can’t even use vacation because of things like “Black Friday” and the “weekend before the Holiday”.

We did a few “pre-holiday” things such as the “dreaded family photos” ,which made me realize that I need to get serious about the running and healthy food choices thing.. UgH!! We did them as a gift for my parents who haven’t gotten any updated pictures of us kids. Now that my younger brother and I are in relationships, my oldest brother thought it might be a nice gift for our folks to have.

I got to meet Colin’s parents for the first time. It went well; I didn’t swear or act up considering his father is a minister! They were very nice and accepting of me, which I didn’t expect right away to be honest.

A few days before Christmas we went to The Brick in downtown Minneapolis and saw Steel Panther in concert. Always an over abundance of boobs but they are funny and always a good time! Unfortunately the concert was on a night where we had a severe cold spell and it was miserably cold outside as well as inside the venue. It was a still a great concert and a good time. If you haven’t seen them in concert, I beg you to check them out! They are awesome!

Colin’s Ex wanted to go out on NYE so we agreed to watch the kiddos and catch an early dinner which eventually was thwarted by Colin’s flu and my cold. We stayed in, watched movies, ate with the kiddos (the first time they met me) and all turned in by 11:00p. Colin went to work New Year’s Day while I was left to take care of the kiddos until their Mom finished with work. We talked, hung out and the girls helped me clean up a bit. I was surprised how well they took to me considering we just told them 5 months ago that Dad has a g-friend and is moving. They are good kids and I feel privileged they like me!

When their Mom came to pick them up and I invited her in to chat and get to know me a little, for this was the first time she met me too. I think it’s been long enough and I want the kiddos to know that Colin, his Ex and I are a united front when it comes to their well being. I want them to know that they are as welcome in our house as they are at their Mom’s. I also wanted to meet her so we are not threatened by each other, can be in the same room together and not get all dumb and uncomfortable about it. I think it would easier on everyone.

And here we are; January 4, 2013, back to the grind and back to life. I certainly don’t feel as if I’ve had enough time off with Colin and I being sick and all. I definitely miss the days of paid vacation but, this is a new year, I’m getting that new job, starting my Master’s and am getting back into shape!
Hello 2013, the year of change!
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