Thursday, October 04, 2012

Running at 97%

Life has taken some twists and turns lately and I’m trying to become accustomed to it all.. in a good way of course!


  Well, not much going on the with the house.. A few updated things, things that needed to be fixed have been fixed, hung, put back together etc. There are a few improvements going on to “enhance” the house via my HOA, all to be done before winter hits us. Thinking of renting it out maybe, I don’t know something to make it not so much of a burden financially. I mean, I expected to be house broke for a few years but 7 years? I have barely made any sort of headway payment-wise and value-wise, it’s in the toilet.. Just thinking of a few things I guess.


Work is what it is at this point. I really am not impressed with my team. They are polite at best. The lunch guys seem to know more about me than my own team and they make my lunch every day, sort of sad if you ask me. There are a few good eggs that I chat with briefly, but we are all very “unattached” and there’s a HUGE gap in communication, which being a coordinator is very challenging and frustrating at times.

I’m a contractor so I don’t have benefits, PTO, vacation or holiday pay all of that is a HUGE issue for me, not exactly a spring chicken here and one never knows when past health issues may pop up again. That being said I am looking for another job, one in the field of Marketing & Communications since HR was basically something I fell into, don’t think I’m good at, nor do I have any interest in it to be honest.

On the writing front I was so busy from May-Sept with Battle of the Bands. I did the Original Battle, the Cover Battle; both at Dean’s Tavern and then I did a brief stint at POV’s 65 for the other Cover Battle that was going on. I was busy! I was writing up the Battles every week and was caught up for the most part with the exception of the last week. I had too many things going on to write. So I owe several people an article which I’m catching up on as we speak!! A BIG thank you to Chuck Parnell, Steve and Rod at Rusty Nuts Productions, Brett Roeller, StuperDave Hall and Kevlar for having me and keeping me company! Also to friend John Weidemann for having me at the POV’s event! It was definitely an honor to judge with such a diverse group of talented people! You guys are the best in the biz!! Big HUG to my wonderful and super patient boyfriend Colin; for going with me every Saturday without hesitation or complaint! You’re my hero!


My relationship has taken some fast and fantastic turns for the better! He is now divorced and has managed to tell his children. (A major accomplishment for any parent who is divorcing with children!) After much discussion we decided that he should move into my house with me. So as of today it’s been about a month since he moved in and things are still great! I love the fact that he’s handy and is able to fix pretty much anything from house stuff to cars etc. He’s very quiet, calm and content compared to my loud and aggressive nature. He seems to understand my fears about certain things like living together, lack of parenting skills and marriage and has managed to squelch a majority of it.

Granted I’ve been in several long term relationships, in this one I have almost an overwhelming and sometimes frightening sense of calm and contentment. It’s been so good and easy that sometimes we look at each other and fear the bottom may drop out or that we need to be pinched.

Let’s just say that considering the circumstances that we entered into, it’s been fairly easy thus far and we are hoping it will continue to be so, that we will continue to respect and care for each other going forward the same way we do today. Considering I’m a girl who needs “guarantees”, I think this is the best I can ask for an oddly I seem to be ok with that.


Well, unfortunately this portion is only ok at best. I have thrown out my “clean eating” and starting eating crap the past 2 years. It’s taken 2 years to catch up with me but it has. I have managed to gain about 40lbs back and I am unable to exercise in the way that I’ve been accustomed. My clothes aren’t fitting, I’m uncomfortable and tired all the time. The deal is eating clean once you have been eating crap is super hard. It took 3 days the last time to get over the cravings, headaches, and my body just reacting to wanting to be fed 3 sloppy, calorie infested meals a day. Once my body got used to the limited calories, and clean food it reacted as it should, with weight just falling off, feeling good and being able to exercise and move my body the way it was intended. My body was made for lots of movement, if I ignore that and become complacent, my muscles atrophy and I get fat. It’s that simple. So I’m struggling with trying to eat clean.. I do well for about 2-3 days then get weak, eat pizza or some crap that satisfies me for about 4 hours and puts me into a food coma! Wanna know the secret to staying young looking? Eat clean, exercise and sleep…..seriously! So struggling with that-still!


Yep back in, this time to get my Master’s. I was thinking about it and agreed with my Pop that I should get it but take a year or so off since I worked 2 jobs and went to school which was a bit taxing on me physically and mentally. I decided to jump into it again due to the fact that I wasn’t able to get a better job with my degree. It’s been frustrating to see people make $60,000/yr plus without a degree and I’m still making shit. I want to be comfortable and not worry about paying my mortgage, or if I have one drink too many, or go out with friends too much. I guess I look at it as I’ve jumped through the hoops damn it; I now want to reap the benefits. I’ve always been told that if I wanted to move up and make more I had to jump through the educational hoops, I’ve done that; now let’s get this shit on the road!!! Bringing coffee, making copies and setting up trainings are not my idea of a job, you know???

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