Friday, May 11, 2012

Honor of My Mother on Mother’s Day- Advice I’ve gotten from my Mother

I think most of us have gotten advice from our Mother that has stuck with us, molded us, made us into better people.

I know my Mother is chalked FULL of advice and suggestions she gives my two brothers and I.

I'll take this opportunity to share a few that I think are useful and funny!

1.  Always keep a clean house; clean as you go...
Whether that means doing a load of wash a day, or wiping down a counter quickly when your done cooking. Trying to do it all at once is too time consuming and if you are a busy professional or have little ones you can’t afford to spend an entire afternoon cleaning.

2.  Vacuum first, dust last!
It never made sense to me as a kid … The idea is simple, when u vacuum the dust will come up from the carpet and get on your things, which is why you do it first. Then when you dust you get all the dust etc that has settled from the carpet etc.. She also made it clear that you need to pick up every book, nick-knack and dust it as well or use a damp cloth to dust your items.. No cheating!

3. Who cares about anyone else, do what you want to do! (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else)
Easier said than done I know. My brothers and I were raised to be independent people, good people. So as you go through life, people will say things that are bad and untrue. The people who know you know better so let the nay-sayers go and don’t waste your time getting upset over others who don’t know you or don’t get it.

4. Women are just as important in this world as men!
I’ve always been a person who has fought for equal everything; pay, social norms, jobs, sexually. It was my mother who told me that I could do the same things as my brothers.

5. Always do your best!
I try to be and do my best at everything I approach! No point of getting into something only to do it “half-assed”!

6. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
This is a HUGE one for me! I practice this as much as I can without trying to compromise myself! I remember calling someone a fat ass to their face and my mother slapped me. When I argued with her, she said, “Now, would you like someone to say about you?!” My answer, was of course no..

7. When your starving and someone gives you a cracker, you don’t ask if it’s a Ritz or a saltine..
A simple version of be grateful for what you have or get.. Don’t be  picky or question it when your in need.

8. Don’t let anyone be mean to you, you do it enough to yourself.
Everyone criticizes themselves whether it be too fat, too thin, too irritating or confrontational. We criticize and judge ourselves, don’t let someone else. Self respect is key to being true to yourself and having the ability to toss out the “garbage” every once in awhile.

9. Every time someone you love hurts you, it prepares you to be with the person you are meant to be with.
I’ve kept this as my personal motto all my life. Every relationship I’ve been in I’ve always kept this in my mind and anytime I felt bad over a break up or bad dating situation, this has kept me going! Going through heartbreak and learning from your relationships gives you an idea of what you want and what you don’t want. Teaches you to appreciate what you have once you find it and how to be a better person and partner.

10. Take care of yourself; there is no need to make everyone worry about you.
My mother instilled in me that when you don't take care of yourself it not only hurts yourself, but hurts your family and close friends.. Making other people worry about you, because your not taking care of yourself is selfish. Learn to make your own dinner. Do your own laundry. Do your finances. Make your own money. Know where things are, and how to get there without help. Cluelessness with the basics creeps into other areas of your life, and before you know it, you’ll forget how to drive or where to get your mail.

11.  Don’t curse!
My mother always equated this to a beautiful picture with a blemish on it. She says that when you swear it proves to everyone that your trash. The last time I swore in my mother's house she (at age 62) literally washed my mouth out with soap!

12. Never fight unless provoked (hit, shoved, etc), but make sure you finish it.
We Betzina's have tempers for sure. This was more for my brothers and not me but I can honestly say that I have never started or provoked a fight unless I have been hit.. (Yes, I've been hit by guys and girls) I try to have a cool enough head to grab someone: police, bouncer, manager to take care of it. Again, this was more for my brothers, for ladies shouldn't be fighting..period!  ~sigh~

Well hopefully some of these pieces of advice you find funny, familiar or resonates.. Feel free to share a few tid-bits your Mother gave you! 

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful, weird and wacky Mama; Sharon Quam Betzina Schommer!
I love u Ma!
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