Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things Have Gotten so Busy…Recognition

  Well, things are bad but good right now…I figure that between work-work, and freelance work, I’ve been writing and networking a ton and trying not to spend any money in the process..

I found in January that my job at the Electronics Company will be eliminated in the spring. I have not panicked as of yet, instead I have hyper-focused on finding a job now that I have my degree, I’ve been digging my nails in and looking. I apply for about 25-40 a week and have applied for about 75-100 jobs.

I have yet to receive a call back for anything and I am being very picky, since I haven’t been so for awhile, and I’m tired of working for departments that give me little to do or can’t seem to catch up with what I can dole out. I’m a workhorse, anything less and I get bored. A happy Kami-O is a busy Kami-O.. I dig stress!

I have about 5-10 weeks of severance, along with my part time job AND unemployment so I should be OK, but why let it get that far if I don’t have to? I think I’m done with The Electronics Company anyways. They do quite a bit of stuff that doesn’t necessarily align with my personal beliefs and it’s too high schoolish for me personally. The goal is to make enough money to support my current lifestyle and pay my mortgage. I’d also like to find a job where I can travel a little bit. In years past I’ve been against traveling for business, but as I’ve gotten older and have more experience under my belt, I’ve been craving a bit more travel.

My free-lance work has kicked up quite a bit. As of November, I was "hired' as a Music Staff Writer for which is a local music blog. In November/December it was picked up by (St. Paul Pioneer Press) and feeds in to the “Local Entertainment Blogs” section. We write reviews on concerts, albums, venues and also band write ups. It gives me a reason to go out and combine the two things I love most! It also gives me an opportunity to help the musicians in this town that go un-promoted and gives them a bit more visibility. I would like to think my articles on them will help bring more fans to shows and more listeners to buy their music.

 We also have a Facebook page where any musician/band can post their shows etc. All the writers are Admins so anything deemed not “local music” can be deleted, changed and promoted including our sites and selves. With this job and the one with the I’ve met and had some great opportunities put in front of me. I’ve got to “converse” with The Melismatics, who are getting bigger and bigger every year. I’ve met with other really talented writers, who write about other musical genres; such as rap, hip-hop and country. I’ve met actors, directors and writers of local film who have been kind enough to throw me a bone with their projects and of course the list of talented musicians keeps getting bigger! I feel very lucky and fortunate to be doing this..

I also was “hired” as a Music writer for the I have submitted several articles already and in a few months will see if I can’t be considered writer for local film. This will help support those involved in and that are passionate about local indie film. Until then I will do what research I can about film etc so I can write about the topic thoughtfully and with more insight.

Then there is “July Fighter”.. I went out scouting with Danny a few months back and the opening band caught my ear. I approached them and have done several write ups etc and hooked them up with a manager and booking agent so they can get better gigs. The show at the Fine Line this last weekend was to show the booking agent whether or not they have what it takes to be booked at better venues.. and of course they made the cut. In that “area” I have been “nominated” publicist and am a part of the Marketing/Promotional plan to get these guys to the next level!

The “July Fighter” project is something I do when it comes up.. I did this for a year working with Danny but with a different set of perimeters. I simply try to help move up an artist or band if I can. I’ll use my connections or writing or marketing skills to try to help. Sometimes all that is needed is my sole support, which all of them have in spades! Point being is that if I can help, I do.

Still working on “Sex in the Twin Cities”. Due to the job issue, the money I’d like to pour into making it better and streamlined is being put on hold. I have a ton of ideas around it but I simply can’t afford to pay someone to make the changes.. so it stays as is for now…ugh!

Thinking of writing a book, yeah I know… I’ve talked about this for awhile but I’m starting to cut out some chapters and put some ideas around it.. If I do, I want to make sure it isn’t fluff, I want people to take an active interest in it and want to make it an enjoyable read. So… trying to incorporate all of that into it and make it successful, fleshing it out basically.

A photographer friend of mine added me to a group called Border Symmetry. It’s a free, model, photography, MUA site that allows photographers, models and MUA’s to get in practice and get themselves out there for whatever the three they are interested in doing. Being the age and size I am I was VERY apprehensive about doing anything like that. I was put on the list as a plus size model. Freaked the hell out of me at first. I mean, I’d dabbled with the whole modeling thing when I was a music major in college, for promotional stuff musically, entered some contests and what not. I never took it too seriously, for even when I was thinner I was not considered thin enough for fashion or runway. I’m not about to starve myself for fashion or to have my face in a magazine, simply not that important to me.. Standards have changed and while the size and beauty thing hasn’t changed much, I’ve decided that I want to put my stamp on breaking down a few age and size barriers.

In this group I am one of the oldest and largest models they have. Most are (naturally) in their 20’s, all about being noticed and having great pictures. I do it for me, to help promote my writing and most importantly to show that women, no matter what their age or size are fucking beautiful! Yeah I’m not 20 years old anymore and to be honest, while I miss the body I had when I was in my 20’s, I like being 42. It’s starting to grow on me a bit. Granted, I would like to look like I did when I was 37, and I will do what I can to fight looking like an old hag, but shit I don’t want to look like I’m 30 when I’m 60 either! I've definitely met some great women in this group and feel very privileged to be a part of the projects they've put together.! Never once has anyone in this group made me feel to old, ugly, fat or anything but capable.

Quite a few of these photographers are accredited. They have been in magazines, been judges for this medium and know the tricks of trade. Some are mentors or are mentoring, either way it’s a fairly good group and I'm proud to be a part of it. I’m hoping that in doing some of this I will get over some of the body issues I have, and stop being so damn insecure about it. If it’s the one thing I need to grow out of it’s that..

That’s basically the gist of it for right now.. Sorry I haven’t really updated but as you can read, I’ve been a busy, busy girl…
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