Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Year in the Life.. 2011

Well that was it...that was 2011 that just shot by. It wasn't a good year and it wasn't a bad year.. I still have my home and job at "The Electronics" company and airport.. Ryan and I partnered our "knowledge" of the local scene and own/run local site; Sex in the Twin Cities. Later this fall I was added as a Staff Writer to which was picked up by the Pioneer Press. 

I had a bad year with relationships with friends and relationships period-none of them worked out. Had a couple of prospects but then I changed my mind or they theirs. So be it... 

The New Year started with a BANG as Kat, Kelly, Becky, Julie, Laura and I hit Niesen's in Savage with POPRocks!

Then at the end of January the ladies and I took over Cross Lake for a bit of chaos and partying; dubbing it as "Winterplapooza".. A tradition we decided to have every year as an excuse for all us busy girls to get together!

My 41st Birthday at the Local in Minneapolis... (Thank you again to the Staff at the Local!)
mmmm, Cider beer
We decided to celebrate all the friends we have with birthdays in April! HUGE party at Wild Bill's in Apple Valley!

Easter.. with snakes.. ISH!

Shane, Kami-O and Ryan checking out the snakes..

We were invited to the Re-opening of the Myth! Helluva party with Surly Jones and Hairball! 
Kami-o, Julie, Kelly and Laura
Happy from Hairball

In May there was the Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band concert at the Xcel..
Randy Tollin and Kami-O

..and my college graduation ceremony.. (ceremony only- official graduation date was December 19th, 2011)
Wendy and I before the walk of scare!

In June, my fav guys from New York; WILDSTREET came out and played at Best Buy at MOA and Pickle Park..
Kami-O and Eric Jayk
Ian, Ali, Joos and Eric

Then I had a party for my friend Teeter, before he went off to Alaska for the summer... Why? Hell if I know but it was a reason to throw a party at the house!

In August, Wildstreet came back AGAIN! Awesomeness!
Dawn, Kami-o and Ian (after his perm!)

Then got to see Kurt Jorgensen and the Little River Band at the Medina! An annual event!


Halloween at Bootleggers...with Ryan, Matt, Danielle, Nike and me as Alice in Wonderland..
Danielle, Kami-O and Nike
Nike, Matt, Kami-O and Ryan

 Christmas with the fam...

and New Years Eve 2011 at Oak City ..
Kami-O and Netsanet
Kami-O and Ryan

I'd be scared to think that 2012 would be better... I guess we'll have to find out..

Ryan and Kami-O messing around on Christmas 2010

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