Monday, December 19, 2011

Things and Stuff and Things

    I have updates, yep and several bursts of good news! First off I want to say sorry to my readers for the temper-tantrum I threw this summer.. A very complicated issue that had gone on and several people got involved.. blah, blah. Let’s save that story for another day shall we?

If your reading this and keep up with me on Facebook, sorry, for this maybe a recap of things you already know..

Endeavors: I have opened a “side” site or “hobby” site called Sex in the Twin Cities that I run with my brother Dr. Ryan and it focuses on everything local; music, eating, film, dating, festivals etc. It’s slowly catching a fire so we are keeping that fire stoked. Some of my articles caught the eye of a music blog guy who suggested I apply to be a writer for the music site “”. Its focus is local music. I was hired and the site has since been picked up by (St. Paul Pioneer Press). So my articles can be seen in the local entertainment section of their site. So I’m excited that my writing is getting some exposure, especially since “” hired about 15 or so writers and only a few of us are actively writing.

In regard to all of this, I’ve been invited to several events, dinners, films & theater (Potpourri, In Harm’s Way, Spiked Too) and openings. I have to say I’ve been really busy and I LOVE it! I’m doing something I love and met quite a few really cool people in the process. Thanks everyone we/I appreciate it!!

School: I have finally jumped through all of the hoops and am finally done. I’m considering another degree in journalism or maybe a Masters in Music or Marketing or both.. I don’t know yet, it’s too soon to tell at this point. The degree took a bit longer than any of us (the school included) anticipated. Between 75-80 hrs/week of work, the side writing projects, and trying to have any sort of social life has been a challenge and one I don’t want to repeat again.

Health and Exercise: Well if you follow me on Facebook you know I have had a series of 5 leg surgeries; 4 on my right and 1 on my left. Why? I have the circulation of a squirrel, its true! What started out as me going in to have a check up to start a strict training routine (running), turned into circulatory doctors telling me my legs were really bad (especially my right) and I needed vein surgery right away. Huh? What? So to make a long story short, I had 4 shallow incisions, then about a total of 20-25 holes punched into my leg to pull out veins, close some, open some, and drain a lot of blood from my knee and ankle. My right took most of the work and had the most issues. I was originally told not to exercise or I’d cause myself to “bleed out” so I didn’t for about a month and half. During the last surgery on my right leg I was told to exercise as much as possible.. Huh? What?! I’d gained about 15lbs by then and decided to jump right into training, apparently a bit too quickly. I started to feel pain in my right foot and when I’d rest and try to get up afterwards it felt like a nail going through my foot. I went in and sure enough I found I fractured my heel. Too much, too soon. So I wear this hideous boot to bed every night and when I’m at the airport as not to irritate the fracture and let it heal properly. This also includes no running outside for a while, so I’m stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike until it heals. DAMN it! For the most part though, I am done and the legs are a bit sore but the heaviness is gone! I figure once the heel has healed, I'll be the bionic chica!

Dating: After the lame ass debacle that happened this summer I have decided to shelf my love life for the time being. This last dude hurt me and unknowingly (I think) put salt on the wound. I can say that I have seen him around town, at events and such and he now has a g-friend. Funny thing (salt on the wound) is that she resembles me in a lot of ways with the exception that she’s about 20 yrs younger than I. I figure if he’s happy, then I’m happy for him.

Then there’s Christian. He’s been a staple in my life for the past 2 years. He called it off between us back in June, his g-friend moved in with him. Recently he wanted to “meet up”.  He tells me that he “refuses” to give up what we have (which is nothing). He cares for his g-friend but has “realized” he cares about me to. (eyes rolling) I think he likes the sneaking around, likes the drunk sex and that there’s not a commitment between us. The things I’m not ok with is the fact that he has cheated on his g-friend for I don’t how long (He didn’t tell me he even had a g-friend until I asked him in June) and the fact that he’s called it off, then on, then off.. blah, blah.. I think it’s funny that he gets pissed when I start dating someone and call it off. Anyway, he’s an idiot and I’m not getting involved with that mess! Watch I end up married to the moron, it wouldn’t surprise me.. I’m an idiot like that!

Job: Now that I’m done with school, I’m looking to be promoted at work. That has been in the works for several months and has stalled a bit. I figure that after the New Year I’ll probably start looking for something else. Maybe go with a Marketing Agency or something, it’s all too soon right now and I have too much on my plate to take on any new projects right now. That’s what I’m considering, since I’m in need of something that can pay me enough to quit the airport and pay my mortgage. That would be a nice Christmas present.. and a b-friend, and to run a half marathon, and finish my album... anyways.... :)
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