Monday, October 24, 2011

Songs and People, People and Songs

A friend of mine posed a question on Facebook about what songs roll through ones head on a given day. I always associate people with songs and songs with people based on a situation that stuck in my mind, a place we were or event we attended... With some it's been a song that was playing when I "felt" something for them, whether that be love, friendship, admiration.

Kelly- Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”
Kelly is my best friend. She and I have this habit of singing in the car together. Singing silly little songs at the top of our lungs! It's usually to this song. She likes Taylor Swift..a lot...

Leni- Steel Panther’s “Community Property”. 
Leni is my friend, mentor, "guitar-daddy" and Platonic B-friend. He called me at work and decided to sing the first set of lyrics to me. I laughed so hard, I think I might have peed my pants a little. Did I mention I work in HR? Listen to the lyrics and you'll know what I mean..

Paul- David Gray’s “Babylon”. 
Paul is one of my best friends and ex-bfriend. When I was sick 6 years ago he and I had a conversation about dying. He said if he ever passed away, to listen to this song and it would sum up how he felt about me and I should feel about myself.  It struck me as extremely sad and profound since he usually doesn't get that deep with me about things. When I hear it, I automatically think of he and I sitting in the hospital having this conversation.

Danny- Colbie Caillat’s “Falling For You” and Hall and Oates “Sara Smile”
I remember when I had, what I call a "moment". A moment where I feel complete and utter happiness. That I feel that life really couldn't any better than this. Danny and I were in the car, talking, having coffee on a breezy summer evening and "Falling For You" was playing. I touched his knee and said "moment". He just looked at me funny.

One of Danny's first shows was at The Terminal. He decided to sing this song and in "rock style" slung his arm over the mic stand, closed his eyes and sang "Sara Smile" so soulfully and with so much meaning . I think I sat there with my mouth open the entire time. It was another "moment"; one of admiration. I wish I would have filmed it, it was a good moment .

Ryan- Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. 
My brother has a pretty dry sense of humor for the most part. So at Major's in Apple Valley the New Year's of  2009 we were all standing around drinking and this song came on. My brother looked over at my friend and I and started mouthing the words while making odd faces at us; straight faced, no laughing.  It made me laugh and I just think of him when I hear this song.

Matt and Lindsay- LMAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”.
I was out with Lindsay and some of our friends when she mentioned this song that had the phrase "Wiggle, Wiggle,Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Hey!" in it. It made me laugh then her husband Matt was talking about the song and how funny it was. I finally saw the video when he posted it and now I think of them both when I hear the song.  The wiggle parts crack me up.

Andy Newton- The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”
Andy and his band "Red on Red" play this song at their shows.  He usually plays this song with his sunglasses on and reminds me a little of Robert Smith when he plays it.  It's a good song for him to sing too.

Rich Rustad- Kiss’s “Lick it Up
Rich and I grew up together. He and our friends would head bang to this song at our high school dances. I banged my head so much at one point I couldn't move my neck for almost 2 days.

Myself- Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”
I love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks.  Some say that when I was younger, I sorta looked like her... You be the judge.

Lisa- Five for Fighting’s “What Kind of World Do You Want”
My girlfriend Lisa wanted to get married and have a family. She met and married her husband last year and they are expecting their first baby in December. They are the best people I know and give me hope that life can happen in the blink of an eye.

Winterpalooza Girls: Pink’s “So What?”
This song reminds me of the fun filled, boat lounging, druuunk, naked swimming in a cold lake, "let's go sledding", dance line dancing, times at the cabin in Cross Lake...
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