Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I randomly come up with odd and wierd sayings when I become flustered.. Some days the dumbest shit comes out and apparently Paul has been keeping track.. Here are a few gems..

"Aren't you due back at the lab to have your bolts tightened?"..(When someone yelled at me.)

"I’ll smack your face and punch you in the junk!" (when feeling threatened.)

Paul: " we're a little weird ."
My reply: "Speak for yourself brother... I'm not following you into that cave!"

"Hello... this is Traaavis..." (randomly answering a phone.)

"This is why I hate people.." (explaining why crowds irritate me.)

"I hear you cluckin' big chicken" (Said around my friend Rich)

"No, it's poop - with raisins and corn in it..." (usually said when someone asks me "are you sure..?")

"That shit is not that funny... and it's dishonest!" (describing what someone did.)

The Corn Cobbler (like the hamburgler)

"what the hell... this isn't mine.." (I was talking about a booger that stuck to me in the elevator)

"shit isn't mine, I returned it!" 

" Lovesded you more, you're stupid, Shut up." (When my friends tell me they love me)

"Twinkle, Dinkle and Merrywinkle..." (The three fairies in the "other" kingdom in Sleeping Beauty).

"His boots don't lie!" (referring to Superman)

"Jon, Jon Vader... Darth's younger brother.." (randomly used in a political discussion.)
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