Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conversations with my Friends: A Salamander named Frank

Paul: Hey, I care about you a lot you know?

K: Ooook, that was random..

Paul: No it wasn't. I tell you that all the time. I'm thanking you. When I look at the "Alice in Wonderland" snow globe you gave me years ago.. it makes me happy.

K: Yeah, cuz your 4...

Paul: (laughing) no... no..

K: Yeah, you’re fucking 4. See, fish in a bowl makes a 4 year old happy when he looks at it too.. I have a point, just saying. (laughing)

Paul: Hey, no need to be mean..(laughing)

K: Not being mean, it's true.. Colored fish in a bowl.. makes a lot of people happy, especially 4 year olds. (laughing)

Paul: Hey, I'm gonna put reptiles in your boudoir..

K: No, I don't like those very much....howeverrr, you could get me a salamander so I can name it Frank!

Paul: What? (hysterically laughing) umm, that was random...
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