Thursday, September 08, 2011

Off the Radar

  So I’m going off the radar for a bit.. Couple of things I have coming up and have to deal with..

Best Buy: Something coming up that’s very good and will finally qualify me and pay me for what I’m actually doing for my dept. Been working my tucass off to get this, so hopefully it gets approved! Then I can finally be a grown up!

Airport: Moving to another store now that mine’s closed. The hours aren’t great so I won’t be going out as much, however on the positive I will have M-Th off to concentrate on fitness and music.. If you’re wondering where I’m going to be practicing, it will be where it all started; Normandale.

Music: Got some stuff written and plan on hashing it out on the piano and skins.. So, Danny I’ll be needing your help.. to add bass, guitar and mixing..

Fitness: I’m having leg surgery so I’ll be focusing on my circulation, feeling in my legs and running. Planning on coordinating the airport job hours and recovery on getting back into shape. That will include the eating part; the hardest part..  So hopefully it will work out.. I’ll have more time to run, lift AND make my food at home. I might either go back to Normandale or Concordia to take a class on body building like I did when I was a sophomore. I did it over the summer, got a grade for it and at the end of the trimester I was in great shape.

Dating: Taking off the focus, going on hiatus indefinitely.. Thinking of taking some classes in regard to singlehood, dating and the like. Sort of come to realize that I’ve really been out of the loop and not dealing with things as well as I should, like catering to MY needs and not someone else’s.

School: 3 classes, a lot of postponements but starting in October with Statistics.. Not my best, nor favorite class. Then onto Communications and finally Music (I know, right?).. then I get my “smart” papers..

So if you need me I’ll be working, running and writing.. and gaining some headspace..

I'll be playing this a lot..

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