Monday, June 27, 2011

Wholly Shit Times 5

  Recap of my, umm, interesting weekend.

  If you saw my Facebook page you know that when I went out with my g-friends on Friday night I got into a fight, with a guy. Granted I share this information only to state that there were 1,000 different ways to handle the situation but because I was hammered and lost my temper shit happened and I became violent. WRONG! This is  something I’m not proud of, nor do I condone in anyway. I’m not happy I did what I did or said what I said in mixed company, however, this person was rude, completely out of line and no one else (including bouncers, police or other people) were willing to do anything, so I took it upon myself to draw a line in the sand and enforce it. This goes back to my “Words to Live By” of not letting anyone hurt you or the ones you love. Enuff said on this topic.

Saturday Night

This was the night of Lindsay’s party. Had a really good time with our mutual friends at the 508 club and Aqua’s VIP lounge. What's with the tiny chicks in super tight outfits and the fat girls int he super tight outfits?  Can you wear something that fits properly please? Wholly crap! I felt underdressed wearing a tunic and jeans.

When were walking back I noticed our friend Janie and my brother disappeared. No biggie, they are both grown adults. I found the next morning my brother had gotten into a fight. Apparently a guy was hitting on Janie and my brother informed the Douchebag that she was married and not interested, the Douchebag sucker punched him and cut his chin, in turn my brother downed him. Wow, if anyone has seen my brother, he’s not one to trifle with. Surely. Again, not condoning the violence but wholly crap people?!

Sunday Night

Tried to get the 5 hours of sleep I missed out on the night before (Matt: “it must be 6:30a, are you kidding me!!!), worked and met the guys from Guitar Center at Burrito Loco for drinks out on the patio.

Hectic and busy weekend.. How was yours?
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