Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meeting Wildstreet..

    Ok, a couple of years ago Kat and I went to see Hairball at Pickle Park.. This band came out and just killed their set. A few bars into their first song the guitar player mistook the stage and fell on 2 of my g-friends and I.  At the end of the show he came over with their singer and apologized; his name was Ian McPherson aka Jonny Prynce. He was cool and a great guitar player, the name of his band was Dirty Penny. I became obsessed with their music.

That October the singer Matt aka Binge Daniels quit the band due to the hectic lifestyle and the band broke up. Not sure what happened to the rest of the band but Ian joined Wildstreet as their new guitarist. I kept getting stuff on FaceBook indicating that I should check out his new band;Wildstreet. I wasn’t interested.. Several months later I got another link about their new video called “Poison Kiss”. I watched it about 1,000 times and liked what I heard. I checked out the singer Eric Jayk and found out that he also plays guitar..  I thought his guitar playing was incredible! The man and the band are talented. I tweeted with Eric (? I think it was Eric) and found out that the band was playing at the Best Buy at MOA and at Pickle Park that same night. I HAD to go!

I emailed the marketing people and asked about it. They had no clue what I was talking about, then after further investigation it was store manager that was handling it. I contacted them and asked if I could help out. I was told just to come out. I went out to the Best Buy store at MOA and briefly saw Diemonds perform, and then the guys went on. It was their first acoustic show and they did great. I watched with promoter and friend John Weidman and noticed there wasn’t any signage indicating the band was playing. They were just set up near the large store windows, so you could hear and see them as you walked through the mall but that was it. They did a really good set and I left right after.

Flavio and I arrived around 9pm to Pickle Park and briefly saw Diemonds perform before the guys came on. Once the guys hit the stage it was awesome, they played all their hits then went side stage to sell their merch. Flavio and I got CD’s from the very thankful Mr. Eric Jayk and we continued to mingle with the crowd. I was then asked by John and friend David to sit in "reserved seating" with the band. I declined initially (I didn’t think I belonged there to be honest) then jumped up there to sit. I said hey to Ian and Ali and  watched Eric grab his bag and head toward the door. I asked David if Eric was leaving for I wanted to get a picture taken with him if I could; only if he was ok with it, if not, I’d pass. David ran after him to ask and came back with the green light that Eric would be back to take a picture with me.

20 mins later Eric comes back and as he slides in the booth next to me I thank him profusely for coming back, having his picture taken with me and apologize for having him come back for such a silly thing. He didn’t respond… the pictures were taken, he sat and stared at me for a few minutes before he launched (it made me jump) himself to the other end of the booth. I looked at David, who shook his head and laughed. I whipped out my phone to text Flavio that I was leaving. I was so uncomfortable and convinced Eric was mad so I explained that I had to go. I was angry and hurt. To me this was like meeting my version of Hendrix and he fucked it up. I was asked not to go by David but I figured I was passed having a good time, so I stepped down and went home. John and David told me Eric wasn’t mad, but I really had no idea what the hell his reaction meant other than he was very unhappy about coming back.. I cried my eyeball’s out on the way home; disappointed, angry and tired. I figured fuck it, who cares.
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