Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get the Funk Out!

  Ok, sorry there Sports fans, I was in a bit of a funk for about a week or so... Dating junk, graduation, finals, looking for another job, helping 2 friends find jobs, taking on more responsibility at work and not being able to run as often as I would like is making me very gloomy these days. Granted I thrive on stress, but I have little slots of time to get things done and my house is starting to fall apart a bit. Blinds need to be hung, my screen door needs to be fixed, my dinette and tables need to stripped and stained, the carpet needs to be cleaned... I could go on for days.. I have a line on a few things to be done over the long weekend AND a photo shoot is in order, not THAT photo shoot but some prep shots before I nestle down on who’s going to shoot them.. I think I want Jess but Danny is good to. I think Jess has a better understanding of what I want, so might go with her if she’s willing..

So, yes, I graduated from college, ceremonially not technically, not yet. Concordia holds graduation once a year and if you graduate within that year, you can attend. I have to say I was really glad I did it, it was a nice to give myself a bit of a hug for keeping at it for so long even though commemorating it with a soiree isn’t my style; I’m still glad I did it. The whole darn thing was funny anyway. I received my announcement card with my name on it and decided to make it easier to pronounce. So I erased Kami-O and put Kami on the card. So the card read Kami L. Betzina… When I handed the announcer my card and started to walk across the stage she announced “Camille Betzina”. I was mortified and rolled my eyes as the graduation photographer snapped a picture. I shook the Dean’s hand as he said “Congratulations Camille”.. “It’s Kami-O” I said. “Sorry” he replied. I heard nothing from my family and friends that came because those nerds were too busy laughing their heads off at the mistake. It took them a minute to figure out it was my name they were calling. The photographer said she’d only gotten a picture of me rolling my eyes so could she retake the picture? So as she snapped the picture I did my best Billy Idol impression with the devil horns, then was guided off stage to take more pictures. Once the whole thing was over, and I joined my friends and family first thing my Mother says was “ sorry we didn’t clap, they pronounced your name wrong..” I posed for a few pictures, said my thanks and goodbyes to best friends Kelly, Kat, baby Gavin, Danny, and grabbed g-ma Tonei to put her in the car. As I came back to return g-ma’s wheelchair I see Paul. He was practically crying he was so happy for me. We hugged, kissed each other hello and we walked arm and arm back to the car. As we were walking and talking, we talked about how long I’ve been working on this and how he’s been there for it all and how proud he was of me. We stood by the car, forehead to forehead talking when g-ma Tonei opens the car door and says “Umm, I’m assuming that this is your b-friend?” Paul and I laugh and look at each other. I explained that I’ve known Paul since I was a teen, we were together for 10 years and he was here to support and see me graduate. “Oh,” she says, “Never mind.” Paul got in the car and I drove him to his car across campus. He followed and drove us up to the door of Axel’s in St. Paul where my family and I were joined by Matt, Lindsay and Connor Campbell for drinks and lunch.

I got home around 4p and slept until 7p when Danny called me to go out with my boys from Guitar Center. We talked about graduation and the up and coming music projects we are all working on before I called it an early night, getting to bed around midnight.

So now that's done and settled, I have my final paper. My Business Case due on June 9th and then a class each in June (statistics), July (communications) and August (photography), then done. I’m planning at the end of August to spend some time with my Aunt in Seattle at her summer house with Kat. Of course there is WE Fest, Moondance Jam and TONS of shows and concerts to go to this summer for we all know I love outdoor concerts!

I’m hoping that with all of that going on I can find another position that makes more money so I can be a “big girl” and pay my mortgage and bills without struggling. I’m planning on taking a few long weekends here and there to fix up the house and open it up for the summer (parties and BBQ’s!). I’m having a good friend help me strip and stain my dinette and tables. I need to buy and install another ceiling fan and perhaps have those built in bookshelves I’ve been wanting built and installed. Sometime in the next year I plan on getting new carpet and will have hardwood floors installed on the third floor. I also plan on de-cluttering my library and repainting some of the rooms in the house due to the nicks and blemishes on the walls.

Decided that I need to take a 3 month break (yes, another one!) from dating. Met another guy that I liked and it didn’t work out-again. I completely communicated what I wanted and what I was looking for. He agreed so I thought we were on the same page, apparently not. I waited for over a month to see him and the effort that has been made on his part has been minimal. So I have gone back to my periodical flings with Christian and that is ok for now. Not happy with it, for I thought this new guy was absolutely delightful… ~sigh~ stoopid guys… When will I ever learn?
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