Monday, April 04, 2011

Conversations with my Friends-Suicide Girls

Kat: So, what’s going on with the Suicide Girls stuff?

Me: Nuthing, I’ve been stalling.

Kat: Why? You been working on this for a long time now..

Me: Not cracked up with having my shit out on the innernets…

Kat: Ok..

Me: Suicide Girls are hott and stuff… I’m not exactly and am nervous about the shoot..I know right, it’s like this with the music thing too.. Once I get it done I’ll be fine with it, it’s just the leading up to it part.. Gott aget out of my own way..

Kat: Look, Suicide Girls don’t care, they don’t care about that stuff..

Me: I know..

Kat: Well, it looks like you need to decide, do you want to be a Suicide Girl or a Sissy Girl??

Me: (choking to death on my dinner)
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