Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Conversations with my Friends- Reading Material

My friend Danny decides to randomly text me yesterday...

Danny: What is your address?

Me: xxxx Meadow Grass Ln. in Newport, MN. Why?

Danny: I’m sending you something in the mail, please look for it.

Me: What is it? You know I don’t like surprises.

Danny: Look for it in the mail…

Me: What is it? What am I getting in the mail?

Danny: I bought you a 1 yr subscription to Juggz adult magazine. You haven’t gotten it yet? I’m thinking your roommate might have taken it for herself.

Me: Seriously? You are a moron I swear it! You would have been better off to have bought me shoes! What is it? I don’t like surprises so tell me what it is!

Danny: I told you, it’s Juggz magazine. It’s an adult magazine. If figured since you’re a writer you’d like the articles. Are you not an adult?

Me: Well, sometimes I am. You would have done better with shoes.

Danny: You have plenty of shoes but no adult magazines. What if your friends and family come over and have no adult content to read? Now you’ll have something to hand them!

Me: You’ve lost your effing mind!

Danny: Don’t be so selfish!

Me: Are you kidding? It’s not like I have comics lying around and selfish is not typically a word used to describe me..

Danny: Enjoy the magazine.

Me: Good God man, you’ve totally lost it!

Danny: That’s the thanks I get??
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