Monday, April 04, 2011

Conversations with my Friends-David Coverdale

Me: Hey Dude, I got something to ask you..

Scott: Oh yeah? Why?
Me: Well, you are a bit weirder than me and you’re married with a child..

Scott: Ok?? so what’s up?

Me: Well… What the hell is that? (laughing my ass off)

Scott: What?

Me: Is that Gollum?

Scott: Yeah.. I like the movie.. yeah, I like Lord of the Rings.. What's so funny about that?

Me: I like Lord of the Rings too, but you couldn’t have picked Frodo, or some hot fairy or elf chick, you pick Gollum to put on your desktop?? (laughing harder)

Scott: Frodo was last week.. I like Gollum he’s a cool character.. What am I supposed to have? Nelson?  What do you have? David Coverdale? Stephen Pearcy from Ratt?

Me: No.. (Laughing harder)

Scott: I like it in "Still of the Night" when he says ".. Come over here babe.." cuz she's supposed to come over, cuz he's cool and has long hair and is in a rock band and stuff..

Me: (bending over screaming laughing)

Scott:  (laughing) I like the movie, I like the character.. You talking about the character or the guy who plays him?

Me: He’s an effing cartoon, he’s not real..(laughing) Crap, I can't DO this today.. (bending over laughing)

Scott: He’s a CG character.. played by Andy Serkis

Me: Of course you’d know that..Some dude in a blue suit with little dots on him..

Scott: It’s a green suit actually..

Me: Whatever.. (mimicking the green suit comment) of course you'd know that too..

Sue: What’s going on?

Scott: So far we’ve gotten a noun out of Kami-O, now we are working on getting out a verb…

Me: (Laughing my ass off)

Me: Need to get your opinion on something and being that I’m not patient and am a bit weird.

Scott: Your talking to guy who has a Darth Vader cookie jar in his cube..

Me: (laughing) True, but I have the Darth Vader case with the figures in it..

Scott: Really? I always wanted that, didn’t get it though..

Joe: (popping his head over his cube) Hey, Scott, at least it isn’t a Jar-Jar Binks cookie jar..

Scott: No.. Darth Vader.. cuz he’s bad (in a gruff voice) but good on the inside (with a sweet voice)

Me: (Laughing) like a cookie!

Scott: Yeah, like a freakin' Oreo!
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