Tuesday, April 05, 2011

50 Things

1. A hot cup of coffee in the late afternoon

2. A good read

3. The electric blanket on my sofa

4. Gabriel, when he falls asleep next to me on the sofa

5. Keeping up with my friends

6. 3am guitar practice in the loft

7. Changing into my pajamas when I get home from work

8. Going to bed when exhausted

9. Staying up late

10. Sunday afternoon naps on the sofa

11. Painting

12. That great first date

13. Thursday evening drinks at the Legion with my friend James

14. Infomercial singing with Kat

15. Wine

16. A good BBQ

17. Lying in warm grass on a spring afternoon

18. A good hard run

19. Revisiting old memories through songs

20. Writing in my journal when I have things to write about

21. Days when you can hear snow falling

22. Wild turkeys

23. Buying new things for the house

24. Cleaning out my car

25. Sundresses and cowboy boots

26. Swimming on a hot summer day

27. Watching my fav band outdoors

28. Eating dinner on the deck

29. Windows open on a fall night

30. sandals

31. Late night talks

32. Toe rings

33. Discovering a new tattoo place

34. Afternoon shopping in downtown Mpls

35. Grand Ave

36. Wild and crazy nights with friends

37. Mimosas on Easter

38. Outdoor lunches with Robert, Dan and Ernesto

39. Dance music

40. Chapstick that tastes like strawberries

41. Unexpected gifts

42. The Ocean

43. A shower after a hard run and workout

44. Movies on Christmas Day

45. The Target House

46. Laughing so hard, I cry

47. Superhero underwear

48. My strat

49. Good conversation

50. Summer and Fall
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