Monday, March 21, 2011

Music on the Agenda for 2011

  I’ve been reading a ton of books about the bands and artists that I’ve admired since, I’m not sure when.

The sad thing is, as I’ve gotten older, so have my favorite artists and they are getting close if not already to retirement from the music business. There quite a few I’d like to see before they retire, die or break up. The fact that I never got to see Alice in Chains, the original line up of Van Halen, the Sex Pistols, the Beatles and the original lineup of the New York Dolls pisses me off and makes me feel as if the bands I love are now becoming the dinosaurs of the ages.

I mean crap, remember when Motley Crue, Metallica, Queensryche, Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC and Ozzy were considered heavy metal, now its classic rock…really? There is still a huge following and need for that kind of music and I’m not saying that out of nostalgia. Where is that sort of angst now? I think bands like Green Day and Buckcherry tap into it, but we are completely drowning in the overdubbed, lip-synched pop music that any 5 year old with a keyboard could make. I’m not saying the stuff isn’t catchy or doesn’t have a “hook”; it does.

Where are the bands of yore who recorded riffs via a REAL guitar and REAL amp, and REAL vocals into a 24 track? I don’t wanna hear 24 tracks of overdubbing, pop-synchy, sample stealing. You get a person like Britney Spears who’s a SINGER not a musician; and barely, she doesn’t even write her own songs. Real musicians are the triple threats out there like Bruce Springsteen, Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Joan Jett, Paul McCartney. They ALL write, play and sing as well as sometimes produce their own records. Thing is, Britney’s not even good at the singing part either. If you’re not going to write or play an instrument, be great at what you’re doing. Be Brad Delp, Steve Perry, Freddy Curci, or Christina Aguilera. Does anyone really think Keisha is a good singer?

Anyway, the people below are the real shit, and they are dying out and I want to see them before they quit.

Artists/Bands to see this year

1. Sammy Hagar and the Wabos: It'd be cool to fly out to his cantina in Mexico in October and celebrate his birthday with him and his friends. Past friends have included: Toby Keith, Kenney Chesney, Paul Stanley, Slash, Lars Ulrich, John Entwistle

2. Van Halen (with DLR):  New album coming out with David Lee Roth. Heard it's not going well and Eddie and Dave have to be separated. I hope they can cut the crap and fucking tour already! BTW: Balance sucked!

3. Ozzy Osbourne: He's on the European lag of his tour right now supporting his new album "Scream". His official tour page only goes up to Aug 11th.  Hope he comes here.. Besides, he cracks the shit out of me.

4. Billy Squier: Last year I wanted to see Billy Squier and I should have. He was touring with Ringo Starr and his All Starr band and they came to the state fair.  Billy Squier doesn't have an official page, or touring page.. He goes out with whomever he feels he should and you hear about it later.. Damn, you, damn..

5. New York Dolls: The remaining 2 members have put together a full band and are touring with Poison and Motley Crue this year. I've seen Motley Crue more times than I can count. They were my favorite band all through out high school and college. Poison just sucks, period. They are what I call a "frat" band; all fun and no talent. The Dolls are the real deal and could probably teach both bands a thing or two about music and performing!

6. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band: Bob is coming off of his hiatus of raising kids and going back out on the road. Looking forward to hearing "Against the Wind" and "Turn the Page" live..

7. Metallica: Nothing out since 2008's Death Magnetic album.  They came and conquered in 2009 and it looks like they are finishing up their last remaining European dates in 2011.

8. Queensryche: The "American Soldier" album rocked.  These guys still have the shit but their label isn't promoting them at..all!
They are coming with Judas Priest to Midway Stadium on May 28th.. Not sure if I can make this one.. want too baaadly!

9. Pat Benatar: Her official site sucks. Only advertising her new book and the VIP tickets for her shows, nothing else. $225. a ticket? seriously? For that price I wanna have Easter dinner with her and Neil!  I haven't heard  a new album from her since 2003's GO. Last year she toured with REO Speedwagon so not sure if she's coming our way. So far the closest she's coming is Wisconsin Dells in August.. Can we say Roadtrip?

10. Joan Jett: She's celebrating the 30th anniversary of "I Love Rock n' Roll" and is pressing 1,000 limited edition clear vinyl albums to commemorate it. She's also only playing about 8 dates this year including one in Wisconsin in August... ROADTRIP!

11. Paul McCartney: His official site is cool, lots of stuff to look at in his career, all by years.. No new albums with the exception of the digitally remastered "Band on the Run" album in vinyl. Looks like he's not touring this year either.. bummage!

12. AC/DC: They completed the Iron Man 2 soundtrack last year and have been touring from 2008-2010 probably no tour this year..
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