Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Guess I Should Have Seen it Coming…

   Well things seemed to be going well between Christian and I. He’d been bugging me a lot lately. He wanted to meet up 2-3 times a week and even made a suggestion that I get on birth control.. That confused me a bit since it had never mattered before, why now? I can’t get pregnant, which he knows. I told him we need to have a conversation about it since if I need to spend money on this “thing” we are in, it might not be worth it to me. He agreed.. This was Saturday.

On Tuesday night I text him to say that I was planning on coming over after work, did he still have guests over? He said, yes. I told him I wanted to meet up and he needed to try to make that happen. He texts back saying he can’t discuss it right now, and when I ask why, he says it’s because he’s with his g-friend.

WHAT?! Yeah, I didn’t know.. So I told him it’s over, good luck and good riddance! Idiot!

PS... Thanks to Heather for chatting to me about it. You rock and I feel better!
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