Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bulling- in My Opinion

 Yeah, I was bullied. I was bullied in junior high and quite a bit my sophomore year in high school.

In junior high I asked some friends across the room to sign my yearbook. Apparently some “coward asshole” thought they would write some nasty crap in it and destroy my yearbook. Considering how much yearbooks cost and the fact that I couldn’t erase it, was shitty. The fact that they did it anonymously pissed me off as well. Nothing like being vicious, but trying to do it under the radar..?

Sophomore year in high was exceptionally brutal. Some guy shoved me in the hallway as I walked by, when I defended myself by calling him an asshole and walking away he decided to make it his life’s work to bully me to death. The little shit made sure he took classes with me and made fun of me the entire class period. Every time I had to speak, he’d comment. I had friends of mine interfere, nothing helped. The little shit thought it would be funny once to wait until our teacher left the room, hold me down and cut off several inches of my hair. He even had the nerve to walk into my math class. I sat by the door, he reached around the corner and elbowed me in mouth which caused my lips to become jammed into my braces. It bled for days and was painful to heal. My folks were pissed but I knew if they said anything, I’d pay for it later. It was doubtful that the school would call or meet with his folks.

I had 2 snotty girls give me toothpaste and a toothbrush indicating my teeth weren’t clean enough due to my braces. Which if you look at my photos, my teeth are quite PERFECT !

Some kid thought it’d be funny to put a staple into my right leg.. just .. for.. fun.

I was called a slut and a whore for the same reasons I am now, for my mentality is no different now than it was then. The only real difference is that I’m much bigger and don’t have to be in the same building as these idiots.

I was tripped, made fun of about my hair, to the kind of shoes and socks I wore to the music I listened to. (Some kid thought I was weird for listening to Van Halen.. VAN HALEN?!) I was hit, paint/food/ spit on my clothes..

We ALL went through something like this.. All of us at some point and none of us liked it. Did I pick on anyone? Nope. I didn’t hang out with people that did that shit, nor did my folks condone it. I simply wasn’t raised that way, period. If someone did something to me, then I would unleash hell. That was the only time. The one time I said something horrible to someone my BFF called me out and told me what a shit I was for doing it.

Notice I left out something? The Internet, cell phones.. Kids have gotten more and more cruel as the generations move on and technology becomes more advanced. Now these little shits can create a website dedicated to the kid they want to pick on. Ridiculous!

Phoebe Prince, she was RAPED, bullied at school and cyber bullied until she killed herself. She told the school etc, but no one did anything about it. 4 girls and 2 boys were responsible. They felt threatened because she was from a foreign country and was pretty. This shouldn't even get a trial, this should be prison time, period. Minor or not.

College students like Tyler Clementi did nothing to deserve the Internet bulling he received. This story I feel so strongly about and makes me violently angry to hear that this occurred to someone, ANYone. It’s punishable by law to record anyone and post it without their knowledge or consent, but to stream a private, intimate, sexual encounter is, well I can’t even describe how completely violating that is. It was his own roommate and the roommate’s friend, they are “upset” at all the media coverage and hate from people they’ve received. Are you EFFING KIDDING ME? What you did to this poor kid. Not only did you humiliate him, strip him of his self worth, you “outed” him to his family, friends and the world. Something private that he probably didn’t want known. This story is too like “Big Brother” for me to ignore, for ALL of his basic human rights were violated and the whiny bitches that did it are complaining that people are picking on them? I think we are lucky as a nation to not allow government chaperoned torture as a means of punishment and vigilantism as a system to make the wrongs right. I will NEVER understand why in situations like this that a trial is even necessary, it’s very clear what happened and who’s at fault, don’t waste our tax dollars with formalities. Granted I understand that doing that is violating their rights to a trial and their human rights, which at this point they should be stripped of those. Yes, yes, our judicial system is set up and intended to give EVERYONE the same rights, in these cases where it’s clear the intent is to harm, we should be allowed to cause the same amount of harm.

Tyler Clementi article, click here.

Phoebe Prince article, click here.


OK.. I’m done now.
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