Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hang out with me, shit WILL happen!

  Michael is a musician friend of mine that recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona back to Minnesota. We decided to hang out a couple of Fridays ago, grab some dinner and go see a band. We grabbed dinner at Champs in Minnetonka and decided to go see the boys of Monster of Mock in Rockford. As we were driving up to Rockford I told Michael to watch, you hang out with me enough shit will happen, the weird shit, not average odd, but really weird shit. He laughed it up and agreed that odd shit usually happens when he hangs out with me. Yeah.. well…

Michael and I make it out to Rockford to catch the band around 11:30p. We walk in, grab some drinks and settle in to a table toward the back. I was talking to him about the band, who I know, who I don’t etc. A “semi” drunk girl and her (b-friend, friend (?) ) stand at the end of our table watching the band. After about 30mins the girl leans over to talk to Michael. She starts stroking his hair, leaning towards him asking him provocative questions like where he’s from, does he know the band, and am I his woman. That question set me on fire. I could have cared less if she was flirting with Michael, we aren’t together and he’s a grown man, but if she really thought I was his woman she wouldn’t be flirting with him, just asking for a busted lip. I must have shot her a look because she then leans in toward me and asks where I’m from. I give her a general answer, and she wants to know SPECIFICALLY.. I finally get pissed. I ask her why she really needs to know and if she wants something from me or what, if not, then piss off. She leans in further, grabs my chin and proceeds to tell what beautiful eyes I have. I look at her, look at Michael (he’s cracking up at this point.) look back at her and ask if she’s fucking kidding. She continues to look at me unflinching and again says that I have beautiful eyes. I look at her and laugh, tell her flake off and pull away. She continues her spiel by telling me that she thinks I’m hott. I roll my eyes and ignore her to watch the band with Michael. She eventually leaves and I look at Michael. “See I told you!”
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