Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream world

You:  outgoing, music loving, pop culture savvy, lacking an internal censor on what you say, comfortable with laughing at yourself, willing to agree to disagree about deep topics, a fan of sports or willing to learn, not in a rush to have the 2.5 kids and 1.8 cars and a dog and/or cat in suburbia.

Date 1: Drinks at a bar. A great jukebox, two stools positioned very close together, lots of creative toasts over cheap drinks, flowing conversation, no uncertainty. We CLICK. Our first kiss happens quickly because we both can't resist, and it's a killer one - deep and intimate and intense and powerful, and within it, we've revealed our passion for one another, our attraction, our sexual urges, and our joy for spending time together. Dinner follows, and we call it a night, fully intent on not waiting very long for date 2. We text or talk the next day.

Date 2: (Ideally the next night, or very soon after date 1): Dinner, and then some live music. More intense conversation over the meal, about anything and everything under the sun, as we truly learn about each other, and very honestly. Wordless communication between songs at the show. We're talked out, but in the best possible way. No more conversation is needed at this point. We're IN to one anther. Back to someone's place. Shedding of clothes ensue. The orgasms are multiple, and we don't stop smiling, laughing, playing, and enjoying each other's bodies until we somehow realize how insanely late it is. We then laugh some more, roll back under the covers, and have it once again. The sleep that night is indescribably peaceful.

Date 3: The entire next weekend. Daylight hours spent in, nighttime hours out and about. Clothing as limited as possible when alone. Mindless TV watching as we laze on the couch, reading our weekly magazines as we snuggle together in bed, ordering in some amazing food, and generally acting like the well established couple we may not be quite yet, but are certainly well on the way to becoming.

I know it's a dream. But it's not THAT unrealistic to imagine. Am I asking for too much?

**This was written by a guy in Pennsylvania, indicating on a dating site what he hoped he would find when dating..

I was shocked and pleasantly overwhelmed with how "girly", romantic and how positively delic this sounded..
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