Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catty Bullshit

  Recently I posted a compliment the CEO of one the companies I work for said to me. Granted he was just being nice and I thought it was a lovely thing to say, so I posted it just to acknowledge that I was touched by the compliment. CEO’s usually have better things to do, really..

  Well a person that I used to call a “friend” called me and said that they felt as if they might vomit and “vomit in their mouth” because of the compliment. I laughed and joked about it, explaining the reason he gave me the compliment. They said it again; I again laughed it off and didn’t think anything of it.

  Well, then every time this person came by, they felt they had to mention it. Saying shit like “.. well we all know how perfect you are..” and “ how perfect you think you are..” I continued to laugh it off. Then things started to get nasty. They would come by just to insult me and then it was what I was wearing..

Last week, I finally had enough. They came by and made another comment about how “perfect” I was and I laughed it off making a joke about how I’m God and my name means God, so if they insult me, they insult God. They made another “you’re perfect” comment, and then I started to get mad. They made a comment about how they liked my shirt, I said thank you and then they started to comment about my shoes as I was walking away, I turned to say something they commented about how ugly my shoes were. I told them to shut it and when I returned from my errand, I promptly erased them from Facebook. This person I decided that I don’t need around, if they are going to attack me. They are older than me and I honestly thought we were beyond this type of behavior. I went back to my rule, they can’t respect my feeling etc, done and gone. I haven’t’ spoken to them since, nor do I have plans to. This is crap I simply will no longer have time for, period.

One other note, one of my “boys” emailed me and told me that he has been working on starting up his own business and to be patient. That if I needed him, he was available on FB.. I thought that was interesting and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was happily amused by it.
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