Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phoenix- The Sun

  For quite some time I’d been teasing my friends in Phoenix about coming out there for a visit. Things had gotten pretty stressful here in Minnesota so I figured, screw it; I’d take a vacation out there, sleep, get some rest and figure out a few things while I visit some of my friends.

Day 1- Thursday: I left Minnesota around 6am to arrive exhausted in Phoenix around 9am. My ex-Jim picks me up and drops me off at his apt and goes back to work while I crash until 4:30p. I try to log in for class and realize that my timing was off and I missed class by an hour (2 hours back not 1!) but thankfully it was my last session for that class. Waited for Jim to get home and went to see Resident Evil in 3D at the Phoenix IMAX with Jim, Jim’s cousin Bud, Bud’s sister Holly and her husband Chris. Dumbest movie I’ve EVER seen, but funniest parts:

- Bud trying to “straighten” out the 3D words on the screen

- Chris announcing that porn should be in 3D

- Jim and I commenting about some of the crappy 3D effects, you could almost envision the stick attached to the plane in some of the scenes.

Temp: 106

Day 2- Friday: Bummed around downtown Tempe with Jim’s mom. Went shopping, took some pictures, ran errands and went to lunch. Later on Jim and I went out with Bud to Happy Hour to a cool bar Interstate 51 I think it was called. Best burger I’ve ever had. Drank until 2am, then over to Bud’s so the guys could play video games. I passed out around 3am and the guys around 5 or 6am..

Temp: 104

Day 3-Saturday: Bud brings Jim and I home around noon. We hung around until about 4:30p went Jim dropped me off at Bill and Tiff’s. It was Amanda’s birthday, so I went out to dinner with them to celebrate. We ate, drank and talked, then went back to Bill and Tiff’s and drank some more. Fell asleep around 1am..

Temp: 106

Day 4-Sunday: Hung out at Bill and Tiff’s, talked, ate, watched movies, relaxed.

Temp: 111

Day 5-Monday: Tiff took me back to Jim’s to grab a few things. Showered, changed and she and I worked from her house. We both quite working around 4 or 5p.. I called Jim to come get me and we went out for wings and beer at the Native New Yorker. Managed to melt the heel of my sandal walking the block and a half.. Odd stuff.

Temp: 106

Day 6- Tuesday: Went swimming, hung out at Jim’s apt. Once Jim got home we walked down to Applebee’s, had dinner (wings and beer) and then went to the Applebee’s across town and got drunk on beer and “perfect” margarita’s. Took a cab back to Jim’s and we both passed out.

Temp: 101

Day 7- Wednesday: Swam, hung out all day and slept. Jim came home, MADE dinner for us, and then we sat around and watched Hell’s Kitchen until we fell asleep.

Temp: 104

Day 8- Thursday: Swam, read, walked down to Starbuck’s and worked, then back to Jim’s to do laundry, pack and clean. Went back to Starbuck’s, logged into class, attended, met Jim outside an hour before my plane was to leave. Jim dropped me off at sky harbor, printed my ticket, checked in my bag, ran to my gate, boarded and settled in the for 3.5 hr flight back to Minnesota. Mum and Pop picked me up and dropped me off at Farmington Billiards to pick up the car. By the time I got home and into bed it was 2am.. hello home!

Temp: 104 in Phoenix at 5:30p

Temp: 62 in Minnesota at 11:50p

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