Thursday, July 15, 2010

Only Me..

I wouldn't be me if I didn't share a brilliant story of embarrassment now would I?

Ok, well, I'm in the midst of a series of Doctors appointments for the cancer that I had 5 years ago. I had my first appointment at the cancer center in Methodist hospital in the Meadowbrook facility. My appointment was to have a pelvic exam and pap.  So I meet with my old nurse Joanie, we talk get my status, weight etc ( "Do you feel safe at home?" Tiff ).. Then I meet with Dr. Carson.  She tells me to strip from the waist down and put my feet up in the stirrups. As I do this, my hamstring decides it's going to cramp up on me so I start having a cow on the table and rubbing the back of my thigh.  Dr. Carson calls for Joanie who proceeds to ask what my issue is and quickly comes over to rub the cramp out of the back of my thigh.  Now you can imagine, here I am, half nekkid with my right leg completely up in the air and some woman rubbing the back of my thigh..

After my exams and I was walking out I started laughing at how stupid that must have looked.  It sure didn't feel funny.
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