Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oh Say can U See?

Up practically half the night after watching a quarter of Shutter Island, which I figured out by the way. Kept thinking I was hearing someone breaking in, then thinking it was some toothless, creepy, criminally insane, murderer..Fucking HATE scary movies. I ended up in the loft, sitting on the floor, playing guitar in the dark until I fell asleep, then woke up to the alarm going off in my bedroom at 6:15a.. Blah..

Well no new job for me. Let’s just say I know, even though I haven’t been officially told. Back to the drawing board ~sigh~ .

“The Dude”s album is coming out in an area near you! Buy the tracks here! I'm gonna take a bit of time off to help mail and get them into Best Buy stores. (I know, right?) I’m so damn excited I can barely breathe!

Completed another 2 classes in my degree program. I received straight A’s again, so again, Dean’s list. Yay ME! This shit is getting HARD! I literally write a paper every damn week, which is why I haven’t been writing much on here, sorta “tuckered” out.

My niece’s birthday is on Saturday! Happy Birthday Maddie Leigh!

Going to hang out at one of our many lakes on Sunday. “The Dude” wants to throw a casual BBQ for a friend of ours, so eating, swimming, hanging with my friends and FIREWORKS!

Decided that I finally needed to get new glasses since my old ones finally snapped in 2008 and I haven’t had an eye exam since 1989. Yeah, looong time, so did it, picked out some Versace frames and will have them by next week. At least I’ll be able to drive better at night.

So, what's everyone doing this holiday weekend?  I work Monday eve?  Anyone else?
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