Friday, July 23, 2010

Julia and Scott's BBQ

Well, my friend's Julia and Scott Weise came out from Illnois (I thought Ohio originally, not sure why..?).  I agreed for something fun to do that I'd throw them a BBQ.

It started around 5:30p when Julia and Scott pulled up, then about an hour later, Danny and Kevin followed by Kelly 30 mins later.
Kat and I stocked up on booze, hot dogs, burgers, pasta salad, beans, potato salad, chips and salsa.

As we were all finished with lunch the tornado sirens start going off (odd right?) and I gather everyone into the house. 

Now, before everyone arrived Kat and I set up the patio and "partially" setup the garage with the grill and some chairs so whoever is grilling can be social as well. It came in handy in the rain since Kat and i put the rugs on the patio is kept the water from going through and soaking us in the garage..

The BBQ lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning, finally ending around 4:30a when Danny and I crashed out on the sofa.

Damn, it was a good BBQ!
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