Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cannon River Part 2

My mother always told me that a person could drown in a teaspoon of water. I've always remembered that and for whatever reason I've always been afraid of water. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not a good swimmer, for I am, very much so, it also doesn't mean I freak out every time I'm near water or that I won't go swimming, for I do. I'm very careful around it.  When I go to places like the river tubing and such I don't drink or I'll only take a few swigs, you'll never see me tipsy or drunk for that will lead me to drown..common sense right?

So here we are 76 (?) of us all tied together going down the river..Probably not a good idea having that many people attached to one another, but there it is. People drinking, already drunk.. I'm attached to our cooler tube, attached to Julie on my left, and Wally to my right... Julie was attached to Lisa and Dayna and Dayna to Kelly..  One of the guys in our group hit a tree branch and popped his tube.. Lisa decides (for whatever reason) that we should stop because the guy (B.J.) didn't have anything to go down the river with and she didn't want him to be left behind. So she stands up and tells the others to stand up as well...  Once people started to do that I realize that I can't, the rope from the cooler tube and Julie is wrapped around my left ankle.  Dayna stands up and starts to untangle it for me and just as I start to pull my foot out, the other 60 some odd tubers from our group collide into us and I fall out of my tube, the tension from the rope tightens and as I try to stand up the current catches me and I go under the water. I try not to panic as I'm trying to get the rope untangled from my foot while submerged and I hear Dayna yell "Kami-O's gone under!" and she (fuck if I know how!) snaps the rope with her hands and she and Kelly grab my foot to try to pull me out from under the tubes, I'm trying to stand on one foot but the current kept pulling me, and then Angie; who was attached to Wally, grabs my arm and yanks me to the surface and clears away the tubes so I can get on my feet.
Once I was to the surface, I flip over my tube and just stare in panic.. then I start to cry a bit.  Kelly asks if I'm ok.. and I say "yes", and Angie pats me on the back asking if I'm alright... I thank her and the girls for helping me for I thought I was going to drown.. I cough and try to catch my breath... I look at Lisa and I'm instantly pissed off..  decided that was a shitty and lame move but continue to go down the river..

We figure we have to get out at the #5 step off but Lisa says she and her friends need to get off at #2 and again she stands up.. so I cut her line away from ours for I can see another damn incident and it becomes evident that she could care less..
We get back to our campsite, refresh our stuff and decide that Wally, Angie, Dayna, Kelly and Kelly's husband, Mike should all go again.  The girls asked if I was up for another trek and I agree to go. So the 6 of us attach ourselves and go again, this time no incident and more fun..  I start to notice my skin starting to burn (even with 3 coats of SPF 30 sunblock)and the rope burn appearing my my ankle.  I already had to work on Sunday. I was planning on staying over night but was really water logged, felt a bit  panicked yet about the "drowning" thing and decided to cut the loss and just go home.

By the time I got home my legs were completely fried, the rope burn hurt and I was exhausted. Kat put waterjel on my legs, I took a shower and fell asleep on the couch..
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