Monday, July 26, 2010

Cannon River Day 1

I waited for Kelly's husband Mike to get down there first. The agreement was that he'd give me directions and I'd pass it on to Dayna.  He gave me directions, I called Dayna and hit the road.
40 mins later there I was in midst of all these people at Hidden Valley Campground in Welch. I met Kelly and her friends, Dayna showed up a few minutes later, we had a couple of drinks and chilled by the bon fire.
At some point Dayna and Kelly got bored and joined another camper-friend down by the river. I'd had a few to drink, and am night blind so decided it would be a poor idea on my part to go down by the river, so I stayed up by the fire and dozed off. I figured I might as well just go to sleep in the tent, so I crawled in under the blankets, put in my ear phones and fell asleep.

Next thing I know Kelly's shaking my foot, saying something about a storm coming with severe winds and monster rain, she wants all of us in her van.  I sleepily nod in agreement, grab all my stuff, plus pillow and blankets and toss it  in the back of the van. Within minutes the wind picked up and stuff starts blowing around the campsite.  We shut the van door and watch the storm creep up on us.

We start seeing canopies, tents and branches flying by us. People running to sit in their cars and running back to tents to wait it out. Then came the hail.  Sometimes it hit so hard we thought the windows might break. At one point Dayna ran out to grab the van keys from inside the tent and found that the water level was to her shins. After awhile we heard this "buzzing" sound and rolled down the windows to make sure it wasn't tornado sirens going off.  Once we established it wasn't ( it was a power box buzzing-not safe!)and a the rain died down a bit, I waited for Kelly to calm down before I fell asleep in the van.  Later I found that Dayna decided to sleep in the back of her jeep, Mike went back into the tent and Kelly and I stayed in the van.

Kelly woke me up around 8am or so to go into town and have breakfast.  The food was good but the service sucked. Took over 30 mins to get our food to us!  Then it was back to the campsite where we waited to see when the others would be ready to go down the river.  Kelly, Mike, Dayna, Wally and his g-friend Robyn all took the bus down to the river to wait for the others.  As we waited, we tied our tubes together.  We tied up our tubes and when it came to mine, it suddenly disappeared.  I had it sitting in the water right behind me, it was touching my leg then it suddenly was gone.  So Kelly and I went up to the driver of the next bus, told them what happened and was able to secure another tube. 

It was an hour wait before the others showed up.  We then tied ourselves together and headed out down the river....
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