Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Stoopid, it BURNS!

The dumb and neary have been getting on my last nerve as of late.

I ask people to sign in at the LI and they argue. “Why do we need to do this”, “We don’t need to do this, it doesn’t matter”.

• My response to that is, well if there’s a fire, at this point I could care less if you burn into a crispy critter.

When I close off a room for Executive meetings and tell you to please go around, do not stand there and argue with me about why.

• I don’t have to give you a reason and if walking an extra 3 feet bugs you, you need to get your fat butt outside and do some REAL walking.

Don’t complain about the zipper on a jacket is acting funny and when I fix it for you, you complain that I’m talking too long, then proceed to insult me saying that I’m not friendly and people like me hinder business.

• You must be the only person on the planet who complains about someone helping you. I’m friendly enough to help and now I’m friendly enough to suggest you shut your pie hole and have a nice day..

Don’t tell me that I’m acting as if pulling a pair of jeans off a 30-50lb mannequin is a pain (it is!)

• You try wrestling with a 30-50lb mannequin to get the clothes back on it. It’s like wrestling with a wet, 50lb badger!

The new summer playlist will put me in a better mood I think…that and some power yoga!

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