Thursday, May 27, 2010

For the Love of God, It’s OVER!

I have to confess the last couple of weeks have been hell.

In on going saga that is Britt, I can honestly I made a bad choice here. I felt sorry for Britt and got burned, but live and learn, it won’t happen again and something really good came out of the experience.

I told Britt to get out based on her not signing the lease I made out. Basic lease with an additional addendum attached which stated that she was on probation for 30 days which included nobody allowed in MY house since she showed bad judgment twice previous. This included her family and was intentional. 1: Her folks are 2 hours away, I highly doubt they would be coming out here and they couldn’t spend the night for I don’t have any room. 2: She always gave the option to have everyone over to the house, never hang out at anyone else’s place or go somewhere else. So it was to get her to do things outside the house.

Regardless, she wouldn’t sign so I asked her to move. She owed me money and Kat money too but we’d already figured we weren’t gonna get it so, whatever, we just wanted to cut ties and have her go back into the population. She decided to move out on the 15th but every time I asked her what time etc she could never narrow it down.. She did actually move out that day with several confusing messages to me in the interim. It was a bit stressful for me to coordinate it all from work but I made it work (thanks to Dayna, Kelly and Kat) I got her out and was able to relay a message to her to get to the storage facility to sign over the lease to her name. By the end of the day, Kat and I were extremely exhausted yet relieved.

A week later, Kat and I were sleeping at the house after a night of partying and at about 9:00a I hear the doorbell ring. I figured it was a solicitor so I ignored it. Then I hear someone knocking on the door and then ringing the doorbell. I thought who in the hell would be bugging me this early? I look down on the driveway from my third floor bedroom and see a police car in my drive. I immediately go running down the stairs and yell at Kat as I pass her “Kat the police are at the front door!” She sits straight up and yells back “Are you kidding me?” I open the door and the officer asks if I was Britt. I told him I wasn’t, she used to live here but does no longer and from what I understand she moved back to her home town. Why? I asked him. He told both Kat and I that she was “being served”.. kat and I looked at each other, blankly blinking.. The Officer asked Kat if she knew the address of where Britt was staying and she gave him a partial address, he thanked us and left. I looked at Kat wondering and she said exactly what I was thinking.. “I was thinking of telling him that I could be Britt for 10mins if I could see what she was being served with..” and we laughed. I hate to say it but serves her right considering.

The good thing that came out of it is that after several hardcore discussions, Kat has decided to move in with me in July. We are both very excited and a bit nervous as well, but we seem to be on the same page in what we want to do during the time she is to be living with me. She and I plan on getting a lot done and reaching some goals we’ve had on the back burner for quite some time. As a result we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together, she’s moved in some of her things and is looking into buying a car and getting a full time job now that her nanny position has expired. I still have a full plate of 70 hrs. per week and school, plus Dan’s CD project that I’m working on.

More on that later!
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