Friday, June 25, 2010

Don’t Do Me Like That

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen the pictures from the Petty concert … He was phenomenal.. ! I’m glad we got the tickets for free because I wouldn’t have gone otherwise and I wish he would have played longer. I didn’t get to see the opening band, but Petty should of played longer, he didn’t play my fav song “The Waiting” and a ton of other popular songs from his catalog.

We ran into a co-worker at the show and found out he sat in our same row. So here we are at the Tom Petty concert (Dayna scored free tix!) dancing, singing at the top of lungs and this drunk kid drops down into our row next to me. He’s fine at first, then starts hanging on me, touching me..I start getting irritated that he won’t leave me alone long enough to enjoy the show, he bumped me a couple of times while I was taking pictures and jumped into a few. Dayna switched places with me and he was all over her too, then our co-worker got involved. I have to say it was a bit uncomfortable to have a co-worker handle a drunk guy for us. He was great though. He drunk kid kept trying to get over by Dayna and I and our co-worker kept pushing him back and away. He seemed to disappear after awhile and out co-worker went back to his seat to enjoy the show, and then drunk guy showed up again! Kelly then took the reins and stood over by me, told him something about how we didn’t want to clap with him or something and he left! Just like that!
We continued to enjoy the show…
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