Monday, April 12, 2010

Always Something There to Remind Me..

Don’t you ever have certain smells, songs, sayings, that remind you of certain events, people and such?

Here are a few of mine..

“Smooth Up”- Bullet Boys: 1989 when I worked as a Sales Assoc at Sam Goody in the Burnsville Center. This song and Taylor Dayne’s “Love Will Lead You Back” played in rotation on the song sampler in the store.

“Lick It Up”- KISS: 1987 when Mike, Rich, Tori, Kendra, Cassie, Addy and I all when to the spring dance in high school. I head banged to this song so hard I could barely move my neck the next day.

“Love My Way”- Psychedelic Furs: Reminded me of Freshman and Sophomore years of high school. They played this full force at all of our dances.

“Come On Eileen”- Dexy’s Midnight Runners: Reminds me of high school, specifically my Junior year.

“Black and Blue” –Van Halen: Reminds me of the hot tub party (x)Brent and I had at his mother’s house that summer. Invited everyone to come over after work and I drank like a fishy! The next morning when I woke up and noticed everyone had pretty much passed out everywhere, the sprinkler system in the back yard came on. I decided to wake up everyone and do nekkid slip and slide until (x)Brent came out pissed off because I was nekkid in front of everyone and ruining his mother’s lawn. I was blaring this album from the kitchen.

“Fantasy”-Aldo Nova: One of the first rock videos they played in heavy rotation on Mtv. He had long hair and wore a leopard print jumpsuit. I thought he was hot and figured that was going to be the start of trouble.. I was right, long haired guys with guitars RULED!

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”-Queen: The soundtrack to my relationship with (x)Erik. We always played this song as a warm up together at his place.

“Strawberry Wine”-Deana Carter: The soundtrack to my relationship with (x)Paul. Enuff said.

“The Wild and The Young”-Quiet Riot: Once I heard this song, I had to buy a drum kit..Thus, my drumming days began.. The drum solo at the begining is still what I use to warm up.. It's awesome.

“The Difficult Kind”-Sheryl Crow: Makes me think of “The Dude”, everyone else says it’s “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, I disagree.

“Waiting for Love” and “Finally”-Alias and Freddy Curci: Makes me think of my brief time with my Freddy and when I started at Best Buy. Thank you my friend! Xoxo

“The Logical Song”- Supertramp: Paul and I sitting on our bed on a late spring afternoon, with the wind blowing through our bedroom window talking for hours about the production of this song and why we both think it was perfectly mastered and written.

“The Sleeping Beauty Waltz”-Tchaikovsky: The first solo performance I put on at Mankato State for my piano class. I thought because I knew it in my head that I didn’t have to practice and was sorely mistaken when I could barely perform it live in front of my class and the music staff. It was so bad, that my prof let me re-do the performance 3 weeks later. I was so embarassed I was sweating!

“Sweet Girl”-Fleetwood Mac: What (x)Paul calls me when I do something good for someone else..or do something selfless..

“Joy to the World”- 3 Dog Night: What my mother used to sing to me when we lived on the farm, then I started singing this and performing it in front of family and friends.

“Father Figure”-George Michael: Phenomenal weekend that (x)Brent and I had at his father’s house the summer of 1988. Let say it included me drinking a lot of wine, a fire and a vacant house.

“Still of the Night” -Whitesnake: When (x)Brandon and I broke up and I was miserable for months afterward. Jeff Anderson (Frog), his roommate and a couple of my friends and I would hang out and smoke and drink on an old sofa in his garage. Ponder relationships and talk about crap and I'd hear this song a lot on the radio.

"A Long December" - Counting Crows: I heard this in the waiting room of the cancer center when I was waiting to get my full body kat scan.  I was 2 months into treatment and feeling tired, nauseated and scared for I didn't know what they'd find. The x-ray room was cold and sterile but the people were great and did whatever they could espcially when I burst into tears from the fear.
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