Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Weren't Born to Follow....

I’m listening to a 1994 preloaded play list on I miss the 80’s and 90’s ~sigh~

Whatever happened to the Breeders?

“Hero” by Mariah Carey is awesome. I did that song for a show in college.. before she became an uber slut!

“Keep Your Head Up” by Tupac was always one of my favs, sad…I miss him..


“The Dude” - Things going better with him, he’s been honest, forthcoming, and communicative which I like. I’ve spent a few eves talking, drinking and listening to music with him. I’ve learned a lot from him and how passionate he is about music, writing and recording. I wish I could be that passionate again, but I really don’t think I have it in me anymore. He’s involving me in some of his projects, not quite sure why but I like them. It gets involved in music again and it’s something that I know about and can have confidence in doing it.

“The Pool-boy” - Yeah, THIS is a story! Met him at O’Gara’s and at some point he grabbed me and said he wanted to be alone, when I indicated that we could go into the restaurant he indicated what he really wanted “to do”. Next thing you know, we are making out in the front seat of his car in the parking lot. Yea, makes me laugh that at 40 I’m still pulling the same shit I would have at 21. I got nothin’. Anyway, I thought I was pretty clear on what I wanted. I’m in love with someone so not looking for anything heavy, cuz I ain’t got it. I want us to meet up 1-2 times a week..period. Anything less and I’m not interested. He agreed and added that he didn’t want a relationship, and didn’t want me to be nice to him or he’d take advantage of it and end up being a creep. That lasted about 1 week before it got stoopid. He became flakey around my b-day . First a pipe burst or something, then he was sick, then he was dog sitting and I was like, I’m done. I asked him to come over 4 times in 2 weeks and that’s too much even for me. His reply of “ I’m in a perpetual state of I don’t know” caused me to be insecure for about 4 days before I was like, you know, fuck this-done. However, it was awesome to have a 29 yr old kid think I was hott..

~sigh~ The art of dating….I suck at it!!


I have a roommate at the house now. Yep, my friend Britt moved in. She’s a friend of my BFF Kat. Kat recommended her, we talked, she liked me, the place and vice versa so she moved in last week. It’s been good and bad… The Bad: Well, I didn’t buy a house to have a roommate but the economy and my finances being what they are, I had no choice. I don’t like to share my space…Yeah, I’m THAT kid!

The Good: She’s nice and cool, I’m helping her out, I like her and a friend of Kat’s is a friend of mine. It’s kinda nice to come home at night to a lit house with activity.. Reminds me a lot of college. RACH!!!!


I’m back in school. Back at Concordia in St. Paul. Why I didn’t feel that I couldn’t do it and work 2 jobs before I have no idea. I could’ve had this done already. I guess I was concentrating on the house, and now that I can relax on that a bit.. I’m doing a double major in Innovation and Marketing i.e. creating shit and learning how to promote it. I’ve had so many ideas on stuff I’ve kept myself up all night at times. That feels like college again for sure. I’m a bit put off that this seems a bit easier than before and so far I haven’t had to crack open a book yet.. (knock on wood)


I got remeasured for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. Yep lost 3% body fat and about 10lbs… Feeling a bit frustrated though.. I’m still having trouble sticking to my diet and finding time to workout lately has been a bear. I’m finding myself going for runs at night again, having a hard time staying on the tread mill. When I don’t see results in a month I want to start running 6 days a week again. My brother assured me that I shouldn’t since I’m becoming prone to injuries and that lifting is better than running anyways. So, here I am back to eating chicken and veggies..Grr, makes me crabby just thinking about it.


Birthday shout outs to my pally Paco and my g-friend Tori!!! Love you guys! Moon and stars!


My 40th..Wholly shit and shebang! Pac, Kat and Kelly planned it and it was the shit! Stripperz, police, firemen, booze, dancing, gangstas.. and we did what with a donkey and a coat hanger??

See my pics on FaceBook they are set up for public viewing..
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