Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Day I Turn 40..

Here's the short and long of it..

At 12:42a, at Cascade Valley hospital, Arlington, Washington. I was born to Sharon Lynn and Michael Cameron. I was 8lbs 20oz 21ins long and was named Kami Lynn- after both my parents. Shortly thereafter, at the same hospital, in the same town, the oldest of my two brothers was born.

According to the baby book my mama kept, it looks like I had a ton of frequent flier miles.. We settled in the suburbs of  Rosemount, MN in 1978 I believe. My younger brother wasn't born yet and I only remember this because it was really the first or second place we stayed where we actually stayed in one place... 

 After my youngest brother was born, we moved into our house on 164th St.  My mother hated it.  I met LJ: she lived diagonally across the street from me, Mike: He lived 3 houses down,Rich who lived 3 houses over on the next block, then there were the Benesh brothers who lived down from Mike. We all have become "lifers" as far as being friends with each other, we grew up together, our families knew each other and I consider them my family in many respects.

My folks divorced in 1985. It was a hard blow to my family and I watched as my brothers and I struggled to cope.  My Mom had to get a job, learn to drive and get a car, while our father had to find a place to live and I agreed to help my Mom and look after the boys.. We lost our house after about a year and moved into a bedroom apartment in Burnsville. The oldest of my two brothers and I had to transfer high schools.  I embraced the change whereas my brother didn't and eventually decided that school wasn't for him at that time.

I got engaged and unengaged, then decided to go to college.  I started out at Normandale, then transferred to Mankato State at age 20. I became bored and decided that I needed to go to a more renowned college and was accepted to Arizona State. I met and dated Paul who was from Minnesota and a fellow musician.  We dated and after 13 months we decided that we should live together.  I moved back home.

Paul and I were together for 10 great years before we realized that we were going in different directions and never seemed to be on the same page, that was in 2003. We broke up, he moved out and bought me a cat... (don't ask.) We decided to still remain friends since we'd known each other, and were together for such a long time. We are now like family, he and I.

I bought my house in September of 2005 and found out I had cancer in October of that same year. After a couple of set backs, it took a year to go into remission and a full year to recover. I then started struggling with the house and am still working on that process with the utmost optimism that I will figure it out.

Here I am, now 40.  I have 2 great jobs, a beautiful, home, great friends, a weird, but awesome family, a fuffercat, a nice car.. I've had a ton of experiences, been in some great and not-so-great relationships, have the 3 most important men in my life as friends..I have a lot to be grateful for, yes indeed.. I do!

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