Wednesday, February 03, 2010

People Amaze Me…

I had a friend of a good friend of mine send me an email in regard to assisting in planning our friend a party for their birthday. Being the social butterfly I am, I was all over it and agreed to set up a Facebook invite to send out to all of our friends. I asked her for the logistics to set up the invite and they tell me that it’s being held on a Weds, at 11a, in a church about 2 hours from the metro. I looked at the e-mail and was a bit confused. I sat there for a second, breaking everything down, then sent them an email suggesting that perhaps a more neutral place, like a restaurant may be a better than a church considering that most people may not feel comfortable or would be able to be themselves inside a church. That most churches don’t allow drinking and that we should allow people the option to drink and eat if they choose. They sent back an email saying that the party was only about our friend and the changes they’ve been through this past year. That if our friends don’t want to come they don’t have to, it is a family oriented party not a throw down, there will not be any alcohol and the church has been reserved.

I sat there for a second, blinking blankly .. asked D to take a look at the logistics, response and give me her opinion.. She started laughing hysterically-that was my answer. I got all whipped up and start this lengthy email making points that if it’s a family oriented event, why invite our friends? The party IS about our friend but they would also want our mutual FRIENDS to be comfortable, that and having it on a Weds morning 2 hours out of the city is just plain inconsiderate to assume our friend and our friends will just randomly take off work to hang out in a church basement, and just as I was ready to hit the send button…..

I erased all of it. Yep. My friend wouldn’t want me fighting with her other friends, I don’t want disrespect them by doing so, so I simply said “ I will pass. Thank you for asking me.”
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