Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dating Story: George

 Went on a date with a really charming British guy I met and had been talking to for a week or so. We went out on Friday to Buca in Coon Rapids for dinner and drinks..As far as I was concerned, we had a fabulous time laughing and chatting until close. We agreed “mutually” that we had such a good time that we’d do it again… He texted me on Saturday saying he just got home from work, wanted to spend time that eve with his kids and would call me on Sunday.. I sent him 2 texts on Sunday and got a “Hey” etc.. back and haven’t heard from him since. He un-friended me on Facebook .... I emailed him once and nothing.. no explanation, nothing…niiice.

He was 44, seems the games and immaturity even follows into that age as well. A bit disappointed in that. One of the things that bugs me the most is I’d rather have someone tell me that they aren’t into me, not impressed, thought I was too; mean, ugly, fat etc. than just ignore me as if they fell off the planet. So not telling me what’s going on gives me no reference and is more hurtful to me than you sparing yourself. Think I dodged a bullet there, obviously something else going on..
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