Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personality Test-The Performer (so much for my music career!)

You love to be around people, entertaining and bringing them (and you) as much love, laughter, and enthusiasm as you can. As the Performer, you crave the spotlight, and you enjoy socializing with all the people you can pack into your ever-expanding circle of fun. The one thing that makes you sad is being alone, but fortunately for you, you are not alone very often. For the true Performer, life is a nonstop party.

The Performer in Love...

There are no limits to your expressions of love, tenderness, and sexual intimacy. Being with your lover can easily turn into an around-the-clock extravaganza of food, drink, high jinks, passionate lovemaking, exotic trips, and anything else you can cram into a day. Whether you are partying or relaxing, you always want to maintain a feeling of harmony between you and your mate. Because you loathe conflict, you may become extremely uncomfortable if you fight with your partner. If you feel there is too much disharmony in your relationship, you may pack your bags unexpectedly, leaving your ex-mate pondering what went wrong. Despite occasional setbacks in matters of love, you rarely get down for long - to you, love is an endless outpouring of fun and affection. You are indeed the love tonic that many people have been searching for all their lives.

Where to Meet a Performer...
Where can you meet a Performer? “Let’s dance!” You guessed it: the Performer can be found holding court wherever there are lights, action, music, and people. Try bars, swing dance clubs, comedy clubs, restaurants, nightclubs, dance classes, parties, gambling meccas (Las Vegas and Atlantic City), theaters (many actors are Performers), and acting classes at your local community college.
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