Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Financial Squallier

Well, after much fighting back and forth with US Bank (fuckers, I tell ya, fuckers!) they have decided that I do not qualify for a loan modification unless….wait for it, wait…. I default for 3 months or more on my mortgage payments.. A completely retarded answer for a completely legit problem. Financial suicide for both parties for sure. I have submitted paperwork to several places to check on re-financing again, I apparently have the lowest rate and my house depreciated drastically in the past 6 months. I called the county to see if they accessed my property taxes to reflect the decrease, I have yet to hear back. I just placed a call with the county and state in regard to default prevention. I submitted my monthly expenses and budget, my debt ratio, 2 pay stubs and last year’s W2’s, just so I could meet with a mortgage counselor, who will then talk to US Bank about lowering my payment based on my budget/debt needs. Yeah, yeah, I hear you all saying “you go out every weekend..” not so much anymore. I do usually go out on Fridays but haven’t been out on a Saturday in a while because I’ve been working at the airport. Everything considered, I work about 30hrs at the airport and 40hrs at Best Buy so I think I’m allowed to burn the candle on Fridays don’t you?
It comes down to the math basically. My mortgage alone comes to a total of $1,358 more than half of that is due at the beginning of the month or I am charged a $40/per day late fee. It also costs me $10.00 to pay it online or via phone… I take home approx $1,200. every 2 weeks so you do the math… I have $8,000 in debt that I’m slowly paying down, plus my car payment. Doesn’t leave me a lot and if I eat out once too often, buy a coffee or get my hair cut, that can throw a wrench in my finances.. Granted, I’ve also stopped buying clothes and am bringing lunches to work more often but it’s cheaper to buy lunch at Best Buy and I have literally no choice about eating at the airport since I’ve tried unsuccessfully for a few years now to bring in food and it’s next to impossible…security and all that..
This is why I have to have someone look into my finances and help me cut costs in the next couple of months… I just simply don’t have time to go everything, look into my account, move things around etc.. Welcome to my world- now you wonder why I don’t sleep, too busy catching up on life outside of work… I’m trying to plan a trip for my b-day and save a bit for a surgery that is coming up very soon. All is contingent upon my tax return, which I’m assuming will be like last years- slim. It’s doable, but it’s been extremely tight. Any unexpected thing per say a flat tire; can throw my finances in shit-spin.
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