Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahhh Ick! Not AGAIN!?!

I was just telling Kelly last week that it was about time for me to get my annual bout of cold + pneumonia + whatever else…I woke up yesterday and felt like my sides were being cut with a piece of glass and my throat felt as if it were on fire… I immediately went down stairs and popped every vitamin I could handle and downed 2 glasses of green tea. I checked my temp and it was normal. Opened up some work stuff and worked for about 2 hours before getting tired..laid down on my sofa around 9:30a and helllllo 3p… WTF?!

Decided to woman-up a bit and get into my running gear and go for a brisk one to “sweat” it out of my system. So I snapped on my shoe piks and ran for about a mile before it felt as if I might spit fire from my throat. Once at home I jumped into a warm shower, got into my flannel jammies and curled up on the couch with a blanket, some wings, cold tea and a very concerned fuffer cat. I watched a couple of movies, did a bit more work and tried to get more sleep. My head started pounding so I got up to check my temp, 98.7. Officially sick… Paul stopped over and rubbed my feet, my head and tried to get me to settle into bed for the evening but it just wasn’t happening, I slept earlier and for me to get more than 5 hrs is just unheard of. He made me a hot toddie (hello alcohol!), made me laugh a ton; so did Kat (we were talking to her on the phone) until I became so exhausted I fell asleep.

Today I woke up to my nose running into my pillow (gross right?).. Checked my temp; a nice 99.8. I had a few things to do at work so I here I am at work, doing things…Planning on going for a run later and on my way home getting a neti-pot as Paul suggested. Being a germ freak, I’m really not looking forward to it…at…all.. We’ll see what happens, I basically plan on rolling this one out and hopefully it won’t turn into pneumonia or a double ear infection like last year. My Dr. won’t let me get a pneumonia shot, I supposedly do fine fighting the shit off without meds, and I need to be over 60 yrs of age, be a smoker, or have asthma to qualify for it.. How lame!

January 24th

DONE being sick..I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten over a cold and it didn’t TURN into anything! Thank GOD!
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