Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When He Feels Bad, I Do Too…

I got home around 10p last night and checked my phone as I entered the foyer. I noticed Paul called about 15 times, I figured it was because he wanted to know if I was home yet so I called and left a voicemail about how I was home. Then I got this weird feeling, so I called back, it went to voicemail, I called him again and he picked up-he was sobbing. Then I knew; his cousin Jimmy died. He explained to me through sobs that visited Jimmy that afternoon and was told he’d been asleep since Saturday afternoon/evening. He talked to Jim, told him everything he needed to say and told him that if he needed, to let go, that we’d all understand. Jimmy’s mom and sister were there when he passed and I told Paul granted, no one wants to see a loved one die, but at least Jimmy didn’t suffer and was able to sleep it through. I felt so bad for him, his cousin was like his big brother to him in a lot of ways.

I feel bad for Rosie and Patty, Ricky too, losing their son and brother. My heart, and thoughts go out to the Kelly’s who were for a short period, my family too. My sympathy goes out to my Pickle puss who is feeling quite extra-ordinarily bad. When he feels bad my world is a sadder place, especially when I don’t know what to do or how to fix it- so I'll let him be and if he needs to talk then I’m available. I promise-like the spread… God bless you-Jimmy. Say hi to grandpa Martinez for us.
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